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Since most of our collectors place multiple orders we are giving you the chance to select the freebie you desire, or you can choose to leave it completely up to us!

If you wish for us to choose a freebie for you, please select "Random Freebie" in the drop-down menu below. Otherwise, please select one of the following:

New Bindings

DNA/Blood Activation

This is a powerhouse of enchantments rolled into one! It will activate any dormant, semi-dormant, or apparent DNA/Blood within you that is paranormal in nature. This can lead to surprising and interesting revelations about your ancestry and origins... it can help you to seize and control greater abilities, gifts, and skills you possess... and will enlighten you in ways you cannot even imagine! This is a great tool for those who want to be truly introspective and see further into themselves. You can take charge of your Destiny and empower your path in new, exciting ways!

Enhancement of Self

A lightning bolt of paranormal power & energy to all the strengths you possess! You will feel this surge through you like a electrical current touching and stimulating all the gifts, abilities, and strengths you possess. You will feel the enhancement of your magickal and spiritual abilities. It can take up to 90 days for this to fully materialize the next level of power within you, but you can use this up to four times a year and each time it will bring you to a newer level of enhancement in your abilities. For those who want to learn, grow, evolve, and empower themselves in the paranormal, this binding is a must-have!

Enlightened Visions

If you want to work on your psychic gifts and skills this binding provides you a powerful Channel of steady, supportive power that will help your visions, messages, intuitive feelings, and powers to be spot-on. The binding calibrates to you, specifically, and then works to constantly provide stimulation and direction to your psychic gifts and abilities. You will feel more in control, more connected, and more empowered through the psychic endeavors you work with. You will feel empowerment even when you work with psychic spells, psychic-related spirits, or psychic activities of any kind!

Fighting Chance

Warrior enchantment that stimulates your confidence, direction, focus, power, and skill. You will be ready to take on greater challenges, be a better leader or follower (as needed in each situation), be more in tune with your mind & spirit, and have the right kind of support and motivation to seize greater success & victory in all paths of your life. This is a very engaging, personal enchantment that tunes directly to you, your path, and your future. It will help you to be more assertive and influential with those around you, and in all situations.

Halo of Power

An enchantment which provides a vivid halo of power and energy around you which connects you to all powers, gifts, and abilities which you achieved in past lives or you inherited through your bloodlines. You will feel, know, and have connection with all the gifts, skills, and abilities of paranormal or non-paranormal nature. You will have memories of any past life achievements which can provide you valuable insight into your true nature and power. You will have greater understanding of who you are and how you developed into the person you are in your present life. You will have ancestral connections with the spirits of those who have come before you. In this you will be able to seize greater opportunities for power and prestige.

Insight of Energy & Emotion

For those who are Empaths or wish to develop their Empath abilities, this binding is a charged, powerful, supportive connection which will align you to energies and emotions of those around you. You will be able to feel and receive the energies of others, or block & shield yourself from being able to feel or interact with the energies of others. Through this binding you will be able to read people on a deeper level, and in some cases you may be able to read into their past life connections and know more about their emotional origins.

Kinetic Energy

If you wish to develop and evolve your Kinetic powers and skills this binding is a must-have. It will empower all Kinetic abilities, gifts, and skills. It will help you to recognize and connect with Kinetic gifts that you possess you may not be aware of! It will strengthen any Kinetic skill you are working with through exercises, magick, or spirits. You will be able to connect and work with Kinetic power and strength. You will feel a significant evolution of your Kinetic powers as this binding gives you a supportive shot that will last up to 30 days. You can use this binding as often as you need.

Making Wishes in All Things

This enchantment helps you to make wise wishes that can truly influence and change your Destiny, to make greater wishes that will come true and bring you success, work with wish-granting spirits on a more personal level and experience better results, and to work with wish-granting magick & spells so they provide your results faster and truer. This binding helps you to identify and work with the power behind wishes, the connection and raw power of the Universe that drives and dictates Destiny.

Strangers with Candy

A powerful, protective binding which combines the effective forces of shielding, dispelling, and anti-invasive measures. This binding provides you the perfect combination of protective powers to keep out the strangers or familiar people in your life who seek to do harm. This includes any action taken with magick, spirits, unbounds, entities, etc. Any form of magick, spirit, entity, or energy that is sent your way and is meant to bring you malicious attack. This includes psychic attacks, curses, hexes, spells, rituals, mind control, portals, channels, gateways, any sort of tool or outlet they may utilize to bring you negative impact.

Protective Lifeline

This binding is an intense tool that allows you to extend a protective shield utilizing the weaknesses and vulnerabilities of this life, past lives, and ancestral downfalls. It is a multi-layered, protective shield that guards against the ongoing, connective issues that have plagued you through multiple lifetimes or through ancestry. This includes protection against any kind of curse, hex, blockage, or other malicious intent which was cast in a past life or through ancestry which impacts you in any way, shape, or form.

Psychic Webbing

An enchantment which creates a web of psychic energy throughout your 3 bodies which helps you to create important connections that will enhance and empower your natural psychic & divine abilities, gifts, skills, talents, etc. The webbing collects psychic energy and resonates the energy throughout your 3 bodies. You will feel more intense, empowered, and encouraged through the binding. Your visions will be more accurate in terms of seeing what will come of you throughout your 3 bodies. Your psychic abilities are stronger and will evolve through continued ownership of this binding. The psychic energy connected to your 3 bodies will bolster your abilities and gather strength.

Recall the Banished

Have you ever performed a banishing ritual for a spirit, spell, or energy and later wished you hadn't? This binding provides you the ability to find and recall what you banished previously and restore it to you in full effect.

Sexy and You Know It

This enchantment gives you the naughty & nice energies you need to be more mysterious, alluring, passionate, sensual, and erotic. You will feel the sexual energy bubble inside of you and take control when you need it to be there for you. You will feel more connected, and receive greater pleasure, during sexual activity. You will be more greatly connected to your sexual energy and profile. You can identify and work with your sexual fantasies on a more enticing level. You can also use the binding to be more confident and influential in any endeavor.

Spirit Bonding

A very powerful binding that creates an immediate connection & bond between you and your spirits. This identifies the common traits, any past life connections, any ancestral connections, and forms a bond between you and your spirit companions. You will receive knowledge of these connections through telepathic messages, dreams, and psychic flashes. It is a wonderful way for you to truly create a more personal and deep connection between you and your spirits.

The Mask Falls

See into the many layers of those around you... who are they? What are they? What are their intentions? What is their true heart? This is a glimpse into the mind, body, and spirit of those around you so you may have the advantage. If they possess skills within the paranormal, if they are accompanied by spirits or magick, if they are not who they seem, if they are not as friendly or well-meaning as they pretend... this binding provides true answers.

Wills & Ways

This is a wonderful binding which gives you the backing for exerting your will in situations and also knowing which way is the right way in situations. This is the kind of binding that will provide you the flexibility to take action in every area in life. It's a great way for you to seize opportunities, take the next steps, and realize your full potential when it comes to any endeavor in life. You will find the bold confidence and assertive power you need to move forward in any situation. It can help you to take new steps in your journey, develop and discover new ways of life, align yourself with the right opportunities for personal evolution and power.


4 Master Services

You can choose any of our Master Services to be performed for you four times.

Chakra Stones

A pouch of polished gemstones specifically for working with your Chakras. Having healthy and balanced Chakras is important to good living. These stones can be used in applications to help you achieve that healthy balance of your Chakras.

Infused Pendulum

Your choice of a pendulum infused with enchantments to guide you and assist you in a specific purpose; Psychic Messages, Spirit Communication, or Casting Magick.

Totem Reading

A Totem Animal Reading which will give you the 9 Animal Guides who are currently influencing your life! Knowledge of the Animal Guides around you can help you to realize specific & important information, align you with greater opportunities and paths, and help you connect with who you truly are and where your Destiny is headed!

Classic Creepy Hollows Freebies

Your choice of free Spell Stone from over 228 different spell bindings from the shop!

Class V, tier 3

- The strongest achievable binding of any spell, enchantment, or magick . The spell can be used as a portal to impart the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away.

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