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Since most of our collectors place multiple orders we are giving you the chance to select the freebie you desire, or you can choose to leave it completely up to us!

If you wish for us to choose a freebie for you, please select "Random Freebie" in the drop-down menu below. Otherwise, please select one of the following:

Brand New Bindings

Demi-God Powers

This is an incredible binding which allows you to find, utilize, and work with the demi-god or demi-goddess powers that are within your bloodline. Whether it is a direct link or secondary link through the maternal or paternal lineages, if there is any demi-god or demi-goddess blood within your ancestry this binding will unlock the demi-god connection and allow you to work with and utilize the powers which stem from this relationship. This can unearth new abilities and gifts within you and it can empower skills and talents you possess in any form. You will feel the powerful, energetic field of energy that accompanies this binding in your life. You will feel your journey renewed!

New Light

Discover new light and new power within yourself through this personal Channel which connects you to the Universal paths of enlightenment and power which exist. You can uncover hidden talents within yourself, align yourself with Universal connections that can make a vast difference in your life, and develop the gifts, skills, and abilities you need to get ahead in your journey. You will have incredible direction, focus, and wisdom when it comes to all matters of self-evolution and development. This enchantment provides you new opportunities to further your path and develop in new ways.

Scrying Waters

With the special stones provided you can turn any water source into a form of divination. You can place one of the stones into a bowl of water, into any body of water, even leave it in your bath or shower, and the waters are transformed into a vessel for divination which will reveal to you visions, telepathic messages, and intrinsic knowledge connections which can yield any amount of information regarding you, loved ones, people you know, and even the world-at-large.

Weather the Storm

An enchantment which provides you a solid foundation of power and grace through which you can take difficulties with greater success. You will feel the positive power this binding affords become a platform which you can hold your position throughout any troubling situation and come out victorious on the other side. It is a continued connection and empowerment for you to know flexibility, encouragement, and mental flexibility to achieve more throughout any situation.

Tools for Your Journey

Binding Box

A Binding Box which will bind custom spells to any spirited, spelled, or empty vessel of your choice! The spells will be chosen just for you, or you can put your 5 selections in the Notes area! It also acts as a Charging Box for all your spirited & spelled vessels; White Arts, Dark Arts, whether from CH or not! You can bind the spells temporarily or permanently and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions so you can make charms for yourself, friends or family! It does not need recharging and you can make as many as you want and can bind multiple vessels at one time!

Book of Shadows

A beautiful Book of Shadows will be chosen just for you! The books come with a casting spell so any desire you write on the pages, any spell you write on the pages (whether you wrote it yourself or it was written by someone else), it will be cast on your behalf! This is a VERY POWERFUL binding on a book that will be chosen for you. We have many different designs and styles of book and we are going to pick the book that resonates closest to you :)

Rare Spell

A rare spell will be chosen for you based on your present or future needs!

Rare Spirit

A rare spirit will be chosen for you based on your present or future needs!

Runes of Power

Our runes are pure gemstone and are beautifully crafted! They are enchanted to give greater accuracy when used for Divination or to cast magic! We have many types of gemstones, and each set of runes comes in its own, zippered Charging Bag to keep them safe & fully charged to peak energy! If you have a preference for gemstone, let us know & if we have that type we'll send it, otherwise you'll get one of the following: Moonstone, Carnelian, Rose Quartz, Obsidian, Bloodstone, or Clear Quartz. Or, if you prefer we also have bone & wood if you don't like gemstones. They are the Elder Futhark set of Runes with one blank. When you think about it the rune alphabet is absolutely amazing. It's complete meaning and history still remains a mystery even though this alphabet has been found carved into stone, tree trunks, and written on ancient texts.

Tarot of Personal Divination

You will receive a Tarot deck which has been chosen and custom cast for you to empower your psychic abilities and give you more impressive and tuned results on any subject! Each time you use the deck it will give you greater power, strength, and vision in all your psychic gifts! The results of the Tarot readings will be accurate, effective, and bring you a great experience in all aspects.

Class V, tier 3

- The strongest achievable binding of any spell, enchantment, or magick . The spell can be used as a portal to impart the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away.

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