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Since most of our collectors place multiple orders we are giving you the chance to select the freebie you desire, or you can choose to leave it completely up to us!

If you wish for us to choose a freebie for you, please select "Random Freebie" in the drop-down menu below. Otherwise, please select one of the following:

Brand New Bindings


A strong and powerful enchantment that works to elevate your 3 bodies in unison. This is an incremental enchantment that will ascend, balance, and bond your 3 bodies together for greater connection to the forces of the Universe which bestow enlightenment, evolution, and empowerment. Through this binding you will feel your 3 bodies activated and working in harmony towards all your goals. Your 3 bodies will work to provide their strengths and compensate for each other while supporting all your endeavors with tremendous power. You will feel and understand the individual empowerment that comes with each body towards any measure of self-enlightenment. This includes receiving visions, dreams, messages, and thoughts which speak to your continuing elevation status. You will be motivated and energized to take on new possibilities.

Past Life Crowd

An enchantment which provides you the most vivid, amazing, and insightful visions, telepathic messages, and dreams which reveal to you the lives you lived in the past. Your past lives can come through one or more at a time. Through the visions you will realize the lives you lived, the important impact you've had throughout life, the skills & abilities you developed, and the connections you can create in this life to bring forward the talents, gifts, abilities, and skills which are important to your development and rejuvenation of power.

Restore Selves to Whole

This is an extremely intensive binding which provides you a restorative energy that resonates throughout your 3 bodies and restore your energies, connections, and power to whole. It will remove all residual energies which are bogging you down, it cleanses the 3 bodies for a fresh slate, unifies them for harmonious interaction, and provides you a restorative balance through which you can exact greater power and influence. This is extensive because it can take up to 3 months to fully materialize as it goes through your 3 bodies in minute levels, and then creates the necessary fabric and framework to keep your 3 bodies resonating at the best possible level ongoing.

Tools for Your Journey

Athame of Magick & Power

You will receive an Athame chosen expressly for you; in most cases we allow the Athame to choose the person based on energy. The Athames are each cast with spells for activating the magickal power and energy around you. This is enchanted with a Command binding that will provide you a vast wall of power, prestige, and authority in dealing with all forms of spirituality, magick, and the paranormal. This works in commanding the power of magick, the allegiance of spells & enchantments, and exuding authority and leadership in the presence of spirits & entities. This Athame is a badge of prestige and will print its influence for you in all Realms. The blades can range from 3 1/2" to 9" (depending on the style).

Crystal Ball of Massive Visions

This is a lively crystal ball which provides you sight into the future, visions of manifestations of spirits, telepathic messages and connections within the dimensions of the 3 Realms. This is a truly spectacular opportunity for you to know and develop within your gifts and strengths. This is a tool which will serve you throughout a lifetime and will shake up the many cobwebs around you in terms of personal growth & evolution. Through the ball you will see many different forms of manifestations when it comes to relaying important information about yourself, your future, spirits, ancestors, and magick. This is a way for you to understand and know more about the resonating power of the unique influences of the future. Every time you use the crystal ball it feeds you supportive & stimulating energies that will strengthen your psychic gifts, divine energies, and ability to effectively perform or interact with any form of mancy. This is a lifetime tool.

Gem Tree of Blessings

A gemstone tree imbued with a very, powerful blend of Blessings for your life! The Blessings that come on every tree are: Good Health & Longevity, Cleansing of All Negativity in Your Space, Prosperity & Bounty in All Areas of Life, Lifting You Up Spiritually for Greater Paranormal Experiences, Peace, Inner Harmony, & Balance with All in Your Life, and a rare spell which will be known only to those who receive the tree! It provides a radiant contribution to your home and the enchantments are lively, powerful, and influential in all paths of your life. You will feel yourself more emboldened and passionate about all aspects of your life. The tree breathes rejuvenation into your path and your overall atmosphere of fulfillment!

Gemstone Cluster Enchanted with Custom Spells

A beautiful, natural cluster of an unusual or rare gemstone which contains spells cast for just for you! We work with many types of gemstones and we will choose the gemstone based on your unique energy and what you need in your life. Every gemstone has its own natural powers and gifts, which will be considered in choosing a gemstone for you, and then spells will be cast upon the gemstone which are chosen expressly for you. It is a way to invite the raw & powerful force of nature's magick into your home while also complementing your personal needs. These formations are between 4"-12" in size and are of the more desirable and beautiful gemstones in the world.

Rare Spell

A rare spell will be chosen for you based on your present or future needs!

Rare Spirit

A rare spirit will be chosen for you based on your present or future needs!

Wand of True Force

You will receive a wand chosen expressly for you; in most cases we allow the wand to choose the person based on energy. Your wand will be custom cast to your unique, energy signature. In working with the wand it provides a field of energy around you that attracts power, allows you to collect and work with many forms of magickal energy, and creates a reserve of additional power that you can utilize at any time. It is a beacon of power which enhances all spells you work with to be customized to you and your life goals, desires, wishes, etc. It provides that powerful connection between you and any spell you cast, or any spells you have on spellcast vessels, to be aligned specifically with you, which provides greater results and experiences. The wand you are given will be a lifetime tool that will grow, evolve, and strengthen alongside you throughout your journey. It will be your "old reliable" which you can consult and work with any time you need assistance in empowering your endeavors in magick. Any magickal vessel, any spell, any spirit associated with magick, that resides with you will be automatically empowered by the bindings on the wand.

Class V, tier 3

- The strongest achievable binding of any spell, enchantment, or magick . The spell can be used as a portal to impart the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away.

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