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This binding is complex. Please take time to review it. If you have questions, please ask via Helpdesk.

In the Forum this awaited listing has been dubbed the "Lazy Orb" because of its effects in enhancing your energy levels, adjusting to meet your natural requirements, providing boosts when needed, and permanently raising your vibrations and energy levels in reference to the Earthen, Spiritual & Astral planes.

The Lazy Orb binding is multi-faceted and multi-layered, allowing each binding to work for you independently or collectively. This freedom of versatility allows for accomplishing many scenarios that may occur throughout life, during interaction with spirits, during astral travel, or any other effort on any of the three Realms. For example, you may need Love & Psychic energies working together, or the Earth & Magick energies working together, or energies for Prosperity, Spirituality, and Magick energies working together, etc. As you can see there are literally thousands of scenarios available.

The bindings work intuitively for you. This means at all times the Power Orb adjusts to your natural flow; allowing you to work at optimal effort without fatigue or pressure. This provides the opportunity for you to grow at a constant rate of the greatest potential. There are always times when you need short boost of energies. You can use the Code Words provided to give yourself boosts for various energies which will provide enhancements. When you use this function of the binding you will have an energy boost up that will last up to 12 hours. You can activate multiple enhancements at the same time if you wish. However, it is recommended the first time you use the orb you activate only one enhancement as you may become overwhelmed.

When the orb is left alone to work intuitively for you it will respond to you as best deemed at your present situation. There may be some days you need more Cleansing energies, other days greater Magick energies, or perhaps you need greater power in spirit communication and interaction.

The permanent enhancements:

Permanently increases your Astral energy allowing for easier & stronger meditation, more active Astral activities such as Astral travel or casting Astral magick, etc. It works with your existing Astral energy profile to continue growth & work to provide you ongoing evolution.

Increase your cleansing energies to clear negative energies that are naturally picked up in day-to-day life. This helps keep your aura clear of stress spots, and helps to keep your Chakras balanced. This works in with the 3 Realms to clean up any mess. The binding provides support to obtain a positive, healthy, whole body (Earthen, Spiritual and Astral). Any time you do a cleansing ritual or cleansing spell the effects will be magnified by this enchantment with support to achieve the greatest possible result.

Permanently increase your grounding/Earth energy and allow your connection with nature to be far more productive. You will experience nature on a greater level from the powers of the Elements (wind, water, fire, soil) to all foliage (plants, trees, flowers) to animal communication and more. You will have a greater grounding energy that allows you to be closer to natural elements and nature. The power of Mother Nature is great; one that can make vast strides in your paranormal journey and life in general.

Increase your love energies assisting in platonic & romantic relationships, your positive outlook & hope towards others, communicating, understanding & being in a relationship with others. This also includes the ability to love yourself and find the peace of love from within.

Permanently increase your magick energy allowing you to cast magick, and receive magick from others who cast for you, stronger. It provides intense power behind all magick associated with you. You will have stronger results & experiences in all quests related to magick. This only works with magick that originates with you; meaning magick you cast or ask to be cast for you. Increasing your energy of magick provides a multitude of positive results as it places you in a position of power. It does not work with magick that is cast on you by someone who did it without your knowledge (for safety reasons).

Increase your positive energies for attraction of prosperity in life permanently. This will impact things such as good luck, happiness, feeling energetic, feeling youthful, success, finances, your job & career, family life, love life, everything!

Increase your protection around you permanently. If you cast a shield, armor, protection spell or have protective spirits this enchantment strongly supports all the aforementioned. It increases your level of protective energies; dispelling, disarming, blocking, etc any entity or magick that is seeking to do you harm. From this point on any time you cast a spell of protection of any kind it will be amplified in its ability to help you.

Increase your psychic ability and natural intuition to include stronger visions, thoughts, and dream. It increases your abilities of clairvoyance and clairaudience permanently to a stronger level. This also includes strengthening your efforts in all techniques of Mancy including tarot reading, tea leaves, numerology, dowsing, Ouija, etc! It helps enhance the psychic ability you already possess and helps you to create new abilities in psychic energies you would do well with.

Permanently increase your spiritual energy allowing you to communicate, connect with, conjure, & interact with spirits (White Arts or Dark Arts) on a more powerful level. This includes all forms of interaction; manifestation, visions, thoughts, automatic writing, pendulum, and/or any methods you use for spiritual contact & connection. It also provides you a stronger connection to the spiritual world for all interactions including knowledge, research, exploration and simply having a higher connection level for various tasks.

In addition to the permanent enhancements outlined above the binding also features:

Increase of sensitivity to paranormal energies, spirits & activities. This increase of sensitivity works naturally to enhance your interactions with spirits & spiritual energies around you. It works intuitively to raise & lower your levels as needed at all times. You can use a Code Word to increase this sensitivity on demand. It includes sensitivity through sight, hearing, thoughts, sensation, dreams, or whatever venue is deemed best for contact with by the spirit(s). There is also a separate Code Word included to allow sight, hearing & visions of any paranormal activity around you. The sensitivity function does not work automatically because some may not want this option always active. This is why you have to use the Code Word. The effects of this binding lasts for 4 hours each time it is activated.

Like the Whispering stone this addition allows you to hear audible whispers of messages from spirits around you. This is also activated by a Code Word because not everyone will want this option to work all the time. When you are within a foot of the orb you will hear audible messages via telepathy of spirits communicating with you.

White Arts, Dark Arts, or both
A permanent increase & comprehensive evolution of your White Arts and Dark Arts energies. You make the choice which energies you'd like to strengthen & enhance. There is no additional charge for this option. We wanted to make this as personal as possible. You have the choice which energies you'd like to have enhanced or strengthened. You can experience growth via the powers of this binding. This means all aspects of both White & Dark Arts; spirits, magick, knowledge, energies.

Chakra Balance & Aura Balance
A binding to help keep your Chakras balanced and aligned as best fits your present situation. It also keeps your aura in a fit state of balance & wellness. Keeping these two aspects in a healthy state allows for many opportunities of growth. This binding also provides cleansing & restorative energies for your Chakras & Aura.

The adapting energy allows all of the aforementioned enhancements & bindings to work quickly & intuitively for you. They adjust their levels of contribution as needed according to your present situation. The powers within the binding are always adjusting to complement your life the best way possible allowing you to have optimal energy levels at all times.

Deflection, Dissolution, Repel, Block
The shielding power provides protection from malicious magick, spirits, entities, & attacks via the Astral, Earthen, and Spiritual Realms. This includes things like psychic attacks, black magick, evil spirits, & entities, etc. Depending on the best course of action the shield will deflect, dissolve, repel or block these incoming irritants thus barring them from negatively impacting your life.

As natural, negative energy exists all around you this conversion is the additional step to the above making natural, negative energy a less bothersome occurrence for you. This binding converts negative energy to a neutral, or positive, impact instead! Depending on the energy, & your current situation, it will convert the negative energy to a form of energy that would best suit your present needs.

Every, single one of the bindings has a Code Word to amplify its powers. All of these bindings can work independently or collectively.

The Lazy Orb is an incredibly intuitive, powerful object that is customized for each person. For this reason please include DOB in the notes section. If this is a gift for someone please note that in the Notes section with that person's name & DOB.

We recommend you Bridge this item to you because it will have the freedom to work for you no matter where you are. If you do not Bridge it simply means you will need to be in the presence of the orb, or only up to 1,000 miles away, before it stops working or loses effectiveness. Bridging means it works for you no matter where you are.

Make the selection of Class Binding desired.

The class rating explains the energy with which the spell or spirit will exhibit. The stronger the class rating, the more powerful the presence of the spirit or spell. The distance restrictions written in the class ratings do not apply to spirits.

Class V

- Presence is stronger than a Class 4. The spell can be used for any magickal endeavor for a remote target up to 1,000 miles away.

Class V, tier 2

- Presence is stronger than a Class 5. The spell can be used for any magickal endeavor for a remote target up to 2,000 miles away.

Class V, tier 3

- The strongest achievable binding of any spell, enchantment, or magick . The spell can be used as a portal to impart the powers contained within to others as far as a 5,000 miles away.

Our Power Orbs never need to be re-charged as they are a core energy of constant & eternal power; as per CH proprietary method.

Make sure you make all necessary selections below!

We've put a lot of thought, time & consideration into this binding... it is proudly another CH Exclusive & Original!

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White/Dark Arts
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Wilhelmina H
Oct 9, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Must Have!! I love it!!
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Molly M
May 24, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
i've had this for about 5 months. when i first received the orb, i felt tremendous energy in my palms as i held it. i tried several times within the first few days to boost the enhancements through the code words, and didn't notice much of a difference. i put it away in my little baggy of spells i keep in my purse, took it out to sleep with it every night, but otherwise didn't touch it very much for these past 5 months. today though.. i felt its true powers. i definitely didn't feel the orb to its full extent, but it was truly incredible. i could already see energy and feel presences well enough, but i decided to meditate on the astral, psychic, and spiritual aspects of this orb today. i could see energy buzzing around in front of me as never before. i could sense every spirit in the room.. even one eerie unbound (which i had a firm talk about with my guardians.) i'm having a lot of fun easily understanding what my spirits are trying to talk to me about, and strongly seeing their static forms in front of me. this is only the first time i've used it since my energy meshed with it. i am excited to see what is in store for me after i begin meditating with it and activating certain enhancements regularly.

Advantages: i feel closer to myself and my spirits. i could see, hear, and feel my spirit friends better every day, even without activating the orb through code words. now that i have manually activated certain enhancements, my abilities are growing to be incredible!

Disadvantages: took a while for my energy to mesh with it, but as with almost all things, patience truly pays off! no other disadvantages besides that very minuscule one.
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May 10, 2016
This customer purchased the item at our site.
Very nice big colorful orb. Works rather in the background for me. But i could feel the shift of energy before and after the orb came in to my house.

I don't feel the energy when i touch it, but i feel the results when it's working!^^

Advantages: You don't need even to think about it, for the orb work for you. just put some code words and wait sipping your tea,lol!

Disadvantages: None!^^
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Anita N
Nov 14, 2015
I was able to get this piece as part of a gift and WOW does it ever do wonders, I love it, must have !!!!!!
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Mr. J
Nov 14, 2015
This customer purchased the item at our site.
I have received this Orb as a Gift. Its my long time wish to have this Lazy Orb. One must have this Orb to experience the power and benefits. A must for any practitioner.

Advantages: Much more.

Disadvantages: None.
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