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Shipping Status

Current Shipping Status for Orders

Oh yes, we're that good! We definitely take longer than some internet spirit & spell sellers. However, we're not the "toss a product in a bag & ship it" mentality here. Because of the level of devotion to our craft we give individual attention to each order, and considering the sheer volume of orders we receive, it can take up 14 days for an order to ship. We're worth the wait! With over a decade of service online it's no wonder that our shop has garnered the amount of attention it has! We put individual attention into each & every order. We ensure that the spirits & spells going to you are meant for you and are the ones that would work with the best for you & within your life! We are committed professionals who have an outstanding reputation for being meticulous & thoughtful with every order.

Typically shipping with Creepy Hollows can be anywhere between 3 days to 30 days. We do our best to process orders as efficiently as possible however we do take the time to make sure each person is receiving spirits and/or spells that best suit them, doing this gives us the opportunity to make adjustments when necessary. We do not strive to earn our reputation in fast shipping, but quality work. We take the responsibility of the paranormal with the utmost respect at all times! Work begins on all orders within 24 hours - 3 days of placement, which includes any Bridging.

Explanation of Order Statuses:
Backordered: The entire order has been back-ordered (rarely used)
Completed: Your order has been shipped and is complete, a tracking number was sent via email from Stamps
Declined: Paypal or your credit card has been declined for payment
Failed: During processing the payment method you used did not complete, and the items are not reserved for you
Not Finished: You did not finish placing your order
Partially Paid: You have placed a layaway & have made the down payment, but have not finished paying for it
Partially Shipped: There is an item(s) that will be shipping separately from the rest of your order
Paid Off: You have finished paying off your layaway and it will be shipping soon
Processed: You have completed the check out process and the items in your order are reserved for you, the next step is "Complete"
Queued: You did not finish the whole check out process and the items are not reserved for you
Re-Shipped: You wrote in to say your package was lost & we re-shipped the order to you

Orders take between 3-10 business days to ship. Business days are Monday-Friday.

Shipping Queue Status

Orders & layaways paid from December 19-26/b>

All work on the orders has been completed and are in process of being shipped.

* The only exceptions are orders where custom conjurations or customized bindings may require more time.

Orders placed after December 19th

All work has started, some may be completed already, and will ship within 1 weeks time.

Our Creepy Crew

We currently have 10 people who work on shipping orders; Magnolia, Ash, Lyn, Juno, Willow, Tuesday, Alan, Giovanni, Niccolo, and Fawn. We ship on Monday-Friday. Because we receive so many orders during a week there are times we may partial ship orders if custom work is present on the order that will take additional time.

What constitutes custom work?

-Any Custom Conjurations
-Power for Yourself orb Dynamic Discovery orb
-Triumvirate creations & additions
-Any Tri work
-In Your Blood readings
-Past Lives readings
-Tarot Decks
-Custom Spellwork

and any listings where is states that the offering is customized to each person.