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We are happy to see you among the visitors to our Creepy Hollows Store – a unique place where you can explore the wonders of the supernatural. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice witch, collector of magick, or Spirit Keeper who is just learning their craft, or you are an advanced Wicca practitioner, you will find tons of useful information and tools for your sacred rituals.

Creepy online is a new age, occult store with an exceptionally wide range of magic attributes you might need for all of your magic, paranormal, and Spirit Keeping practices. Join our magic community of paranormal members to discover your paranormal potental, and help you learn how to enhance and control the magic heritage hidden inside you. We are ready to give you a helping hand!

There is a multitude of things you will find handy. Creepy Hollows series is a set of magical elements and tools that you need for basic rituals. We provide everything you might need for a magic ritual, so that you don’t have to rummage through more than one magic shop trying to find the proper tools.

If you are a beginner, you need to diligently study the craft to be successful; you get what you give. We have books, learning courses, and magic amulets with all the necessary ancestral knowledge stored in one place. As a witch, Spirit Keeper or practitioner, you might also need a book of shadows to keep your rituals and spells safe and recorded, of which we have many magical designs.

If you are ready to summon ancient power, shop our store for tools and ingredients that will make your magic experience most fulfilling.

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What is a metaphysical shop?

A metaphysical online store is a unique place where you can discover your inner potential, get acquainted with your guiding spirits and find your energy balance. Here you will find knowledge contained in the books, and pick up some skills that will help you live your life to the fullest, spreading unconditional love and feeling united with the universe and your genuine self.

You can also get here numerous metaphysical supplies that will be an asset to your rituals. Equipment and knowledge are the key to finding true answers and guidance by means of metaphysical practices. If you are diligent and patient enough, if you are regular with your studies, you will learn to initiate contact with your hidden earthbound spirits, and learn how to astral-project yourself during sleep, find a way to give yourself a natural energy boost that lasts for hours, discover some tricks of numerology and Wiccan magic.

The Pagan store is a perfect way to enhance the abilities that have been bestowed upon you from the very moment of birth. It is a place where you can find assistance, guidance and instrumental support. Give it a shot and you will never regret it.

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Powerful Channel To The Ancient World Races & Elemental Forces
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The prehistoric and ancient world was a world of spirituality, mysticism, and unquestionable faith. There were more cultures, more species, and more divinity than we have in the 21st century. The world was filled with the voices, thoughts, and actions of diversity. It was a far more exciting, adventurous, and promising place than you see today. Back then you did not need to travel far to feel like you were in another world. The landscape of all the different species, peoples, cultures, and civilizations provided a far more enriching view for those who were travelers-at-heart.

Our price: $1299.00
Market price: $12000.00 save 89%
Mystic Arts of the Ancient Divine
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This is a powerful enchantment that is meant only for those who are experienced working with magic.  A potent & rousing blend of spells and magic which align you with the mystic arts of the ancient divine.  A source of power and magic that offers a real and robust connection to the eterenal springs of power and energy which exist within the Universe.  The magic is a core source, meaning it is raw, prehistoric, and operates with purity and unwavering consistency.  The purpose of working with the spell is to align your 3 bodies, as well as your mind, body, & spirit, and your Chakras and auric field to a harmonizing place of power.  There is a mystifying surround that envelopes you and encourages you to take every step within your mystic purposes and details as designed within your Destiny itself.

This binding is an adventure, a representation of everything & all things in magic, and is a way of embellishing your supernatural talents & gifts with a flair that only an ancient source of power will bestow.  There is a prismatic forcus of power that comes with these bindings as they revolve around you a field of encompassing, magical energy that encourages you to take your mystical talents and gifts with incredible devotion.

Our price: $296.00
Market price: $2500.00 save 88%
Command of the Kaligh - The Guardian Forces of the Spiritual Realm
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The Kaligh are incredible guardians of prestigous ranking who live within the Spiritual Realm.  This enchantment is both a portal to call & command the Kaligh, but it is also a series of enchantments which provide the ultimate in magick for you.  The Kaligh are guardians who are tasked by you to be bouncers for your home and protectors against any malicious force of magic, or unbound spirits & entities.  They are mythical-looking beings with elongated heads, bodies made of a semi-glossy material that looks like onyx, and a fiery luminesence which surrounds them and is energy that they use as a weapon against any foe.  The Kaligh are a highly respectful race and they adhere to loyalty with great fervor.  They serve you and you alone and they await your command at every turn.

Our price: $650.00
Market price: $5500.00 save 88%
Love Spell - The Power To Influence Love Itself
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This gorgeous vessel holds a very powerful love spell which allows you to influence love itself! Whether it's love for you or love for others this very interactive and powerful enchantment can create love, empower love, erase love or influence love on every level. Whether it's love for yourself, love between you and a lover, friend or family, or love between others this enchantment speaks to the power of love in every way. Love is an essential part of yourself and your life. How love develops, how it grows, how it connects & bonds people can be integral to happiness. This multi-faceted enchantment allows you to influence and change the power of love in very intense and passionate ways.

Our price: $325.00
Market price: $2750.00 save 88%
Farical Annual Soiree - Rare Spell & Practice of the Arts in Magick
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You will receive a special & incredibly sacred binding from the annual Farical Soiree of practitioners. The binding given every year is something that is enjoyed and cherished by all attendees. You will receive one of these elusive and rare bindings that is usually reserved for members-only. As we were part of the hosting team for the event and were part of the making of these bindings we have a limited quantity to our members.

Our price: $695.00
Market price: $6885.00 save 90%
Circle Of Etheiro - Spellblend Of Ancient Mysticism
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This is a powerful binding that has no equal. It has been bound with a blend of spells from ancient Europe which deal directly with mysticism and spirituality. It is bound using a ritual called the Circle of Etheiro (Eh-thee-eh-roh). It is multi-layered with compounded enchantments which can be utilized in part or whole. The spell blend contains bindings for communicating with the world's ancestral mystics, for gaining deep spirituality, and awakening the divine gifts bestowed upon you at birth.

Our price: $259.99
Market price: $2500.00 save 90%
Permanent Enhancement Of 10 Year Span Spell for Total Energy Access
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This is an evolved binding that contains a great deal of power. It is a supportive tool to utilize on your journey. This binding provides an incremental power that consistently & constantly provides an ongoing evolution to all aspects of your gifts, abilities, powers, and skills.

Our price: $380.00
Market price: $3010.00 save 87%
Minion Of Magick - A Gift Of A Name Awakens The Power Within
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This is a very powerful binding and we only have them available a few times a year. The creation of a minion of magick requires a great deal of power, time, and energy to bind. They are rare companions of the Astral Realm who can take any shape, assume any form, and possess an infinite wealth of knowledge on unlimited subjects. They are loyal only to the person who commands them. They are cunning, can provide amazing support and guidance to you, and spare no measure of power or energy in allegiance to you and your desires.

Our price: $525.00
Market price: $5000.00 save 90%
Summon The Fairy Godmother - Conjure Wish-Granting Beings
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The power of a fairy godmother is beyond anything in comparison. This lively and powerful binding summons wish-granting beings to your life and allows you to make and receive wishes of incredible power in all stages of your life & paranormal journeys. This binding does not limit you to one specific species and will conjure whatever wish-granting being would be most beneficial to your present circumstances and needs. What is also wonderfully unique about this binding is it was cast with two conjuration enchantments which allow it to summon both spirits & living entities to ensure the best match possible is brought to you!

Our price: $295.00
Market price: $2895.00 save 90%