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We are happy to see you among the visitors to our Creepy Hollows Store – a unique place where you can explore the wonders of the supernatural. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice witch, collector of magick, or Spirit Keeper who is just learning their craft, or you are an advanced Wicca practitioner, you will find tons of useful information and tools for your sacred rituals.

Creepy online is a new age, occult store with an exceptionally wide range of magic attributes you might need for all of your magic, paranormal, and Spirit Keeping practices. Join our magic community of paranormal members to discover your paranormal potental, and help you learn how to enhance and control the magic heritage hidden inside you. We are ready to give you a helping hand!

There is a multitude of things you will find handy. Creepy Hollows series is a set of magical elements and tools that you need for basic rituals. We provide everything you might need for a magic ritual, so that you don’t have to rummage through more than one magic shop trying to find the proper tools.

If you are a beginner, you need to diligently study the craft to be successful; you get what you give. We have books, learning courses, and magic amulets with all the necessary ancestral knowledge stored in one place. As a witch, Spirit Keeper or practitioner, you might also need a book of shadows to keep your rituals and spells safe and recorded, of which we have many magical designs.

If you are ready to summon ancient power, shop our store for tools and ingredients that will make your magic experience most fulfilling.

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What is a metaphysical shop?

A metaphysical online store is a unique place where you can discover your inner potential, get acquainted with your guiding spirits and find your energy balance. Here you will find knowledge contained in the books, and pick up some skills that will help you live your life to the fullest, spreading unconditional love and feeling united with the universe and your genuine self.

You can also get here numerous metaphysical supplies that will be an asset to your rituals. Equipment and knowledge are the key to finding true answers and guidance by means of metaphysical practices. If you are diligent and patient enough, if you are regular with your studies, you will learn to initiate contact with your hidden earthbound spirits, and learn how to astral-project yourself during sleep, find a way to give yourself a natural energy boost that lasts for hours, discover some tricks of numerology and Wiccan magic.

The Pagan store is a perfect way to enhance the abilities that have been bestowed upon you from the very moment of birth. It is a place where you can find assistance, guidance and instrumental support. Give it a shot and you will never regret it.

New Arrivals
Petra Longbranch Estate - Mystaria
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Petra created this incredible artifact which is a tool for those who are experienced in magick to explore the range of chaos magick, and its incredible influence when it comes to learning and working with the mystic arts.  Chaos magick is a path unto itself which can teach tremendous discipline and focus to those who want to use and work with its power.  Chaos magick is a force which can be summoned and directed for incredible bursts of power, and can be utilized to create a branch-effect of magick that extends and surrounds in more ways than you can possibly imagine.  Petra gathered the storm of Chaos magick that she encountered, and created what she called "Mystaria", a powerful force of magick that could be summoned and utilized in many ways.

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Orpheus Estate - Diversity in Magic - Lifeblood
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A fantastic creation from Lilian, this powerful piece that should only be considered by those who have experience working with magick.  An incredible casting by Lilian of Vampiric magick, this is the ancient words and spoken power of Vampiric ritual which bears a tremendous casting of the lifeblood of power, the essence of creative energy, and the core of the eternal source of ethereal power.  While this binding certainly has a certain sparkle & halo to it, there is a darker side of the binding which bodes well for those who are experienced and practiced in working with magick as a whole.  This would work well for someone who already works with Vampiric magick, and/or has Vampiric ancestry, does great work with balanced forms of power, and works with darker forms of magick.

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Orpheus Estate - Diversity in Magic - Anoint
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A tool that no practitioner should be without, this anointing vessel is a vessel of creation from Gregorius which allows for the anointing of amulets and vessels which you desire to be of metaphysical or magical purpose, and keeps the core presence of the amulet sacred for all rituals, castings, and ceremonies.  This should be used to anoint any standard vessel or non-magical item, to be used in magical purposes; thereby providing it the right to participate in any ritual or casting.  If the ritual or ceremony calls for specifically anointed or sacred artifacts, this will create such.

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Orpheus Estate - Diversity in Magic - Gift of Magick
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A charming and fantastic piece, Angeline cast this piece as a method of gifting magick from herself to somene else, regardless of where they were.  She often found herself being asked for assistance, and she worked with many people of various degrees of magickal background.  This was a simple, effective tool in her pursuit to help others with magick.  The bnding she created can take any spell or magick that you have (or cast), and send it directly to someone else.  The magick is copied, and therefore lasts anywhere between a week to a month for the other person, which is great for those who need assistance but do not want something permanent.

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Orpheus Estate - Diversity in Magic - Ascend
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The departure of power unto the new level of power comes with this binding from Angeline.  It's an incredibly powerful binding which speaks to the ascension of the mind and magical gifts in unison; a play of powers from the internal & external sources of supernatural energy.  This is about exploring and learning who you are and what you can do to ascend within mind, spirit, and body to achieve the most for yoruself and your future in the world of magick.  Angeline was patient and attentive to this binding, and you can feel her positive drive and zeal as it surrounds the binding like a halo.  It is a lovely sensation as you work with its magick, and it is readily felt and explored.  This is about learning and moving forward, helping you succeed and achieve the most in your work, and discovering ways you can unlock your mind's supernatural abilities; specifically through your Chakras.

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Orpheus Estate - Diversity in Magic - The Chase
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A charming and witty piece that was created to bring out the light and power from within, this binding from Lilian is about discovering expression and vision for going after what you want, seizing new opportunities, and creating the right atmosphere for you to excel and succeed in every aspect you wish.  The enchantment is about bringing wishes forward, and helping you recognize what you want to see within yourself and what you can explore.  There is a glowing and creative drive that helps you move forward in all work that you explore through this world and journey.  She created a binding seated in power which encouraged discovery andknowledge of all things opportunistic, leading you to new gifts, helping you understand what you could do and will do in terms of discovery and Destiny throughout your life.  Lilian created this binding to be about chasing what you want, and giving you visions, intuition, telepathic connections, and awareness of all things which exist to help you move forward in what you want to accomplish and know about yourself.

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Norse Djinn Spirit Named Emmer - Miogaror Realm - Wish-Granter of Humanity
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This Norse Djinn spirit's name is Emmer. He is from the Miogaror Realm. He usually manifests in a brown & silver cloak with a large wooden staff with a rough emerald.  He is very intense, clever, and has a sense of power and he will coach you to take on new levels of personal achievement and power.  He is a master when it comes to learning and working with the many different levels of magick and the supernatural.  He is empowering, awakening, and will encourage you to reach new heights of personal achievement and power.  He communicates well through visions, dreams, and telepathy.

Our price: $50.00
Jimaji Dragon Spirit Named Eveom - From the Rainforest - Ruthless Protectors & Loyal Guardians
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This Jimaji Dragon spirit's name is Eveom.  He is 458 years, he is a loyal and powerful friend who will align you with the powers of the Elements, and help you bring out the warrior within you.  He is incredibly quick and supportive of your work with magick.  He wants you to feel more connected to your natural & supernatural abilities.  He speaks his mind, and he will help you summon the correct power and magick for your endeavors.  He works well with other spirits, and he communicates via telepathy, visions, and dreams.

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Gold Skull With Base
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There is rarely festivity in death. Dia de Muertos is a rare cultural exception. Gold and bold, however, this skull shows that there can be at least a little glimmer postmortem. While not a full cranium, the front side is gorgeous, with beautiful engravings and high attention to detail where its needed, both in the skull's structure and in the artistic elements of this gilded deathly decor. Grim, yet glamorous, this piece is great for decor in your home to capture both the dark essence of death and the bright nature of glinting gold.

Our price: $20.25
Day of the Dead Incense Burner
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Día de Muertos; the day of the dead. This hand painted incense burner has an earthly tone. Roses, flowers, and other flourishes are engraved into it. There is a calavera in the center, highly decorated and in its typical festive fashion for the day of the dead.

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