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We are happy to see you among the visitors to our Creepy Hollows Store – a unique place where you can explore the wonders of the supernatural. It doesn’t matter whether you are a novice witch, collector of magick, or Spirit Keeper who is just learning their craft, or you are an advanced Wicca practitioner, you will find tons of useful information and tools for your sacred rituals.

Creepy online is a new age, occult store with an exceptionally wide range of magic attributes you might need for all of your magic, paranormal, and Spirit Keeping practices. Join our magic community of paranormal members to discover your paranormal potental, and help you learn how to enhance and control the magic heritage hidden inside you. We are ready to give you a helping hand!

There is a multitude of things you will find handy. Creepy Hollows series is a set of magical elements and tools that you need for basic rituals. We provide everything you might need for a magic ritual, so that you don’t have to rummage through more than one magic shop trying to find the proper tools.

If you are a beginner, you need to diligently study the craft to be successful; you get what you give. We have books, learning courses, and magic amulets with all the necessary ancestral knowledge stored in one place. As a witch, Spirit Keeper or practitioner, you might also need a book of shadows to keep your rituals and spells safe and recorded, of which we have many magical designs.

If you are ready to summon ancient power, shop our store for tools and ingredients that will make your magic experience most fulfilling.

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What is a metaphysical shop?

A metaphysical online store is a unique place where you can discover your inner potential, get acquainted with your guiding spirits and find your energy balance. Here you will find knowledge contained in the books, and pick up some skills that will help you live your life to the fullest, spreading unconditional love and feeling united with the universe and your genuine self.

You can also get here numerous metaphysical supplies that will be an asset to your rituals. Equipment and knowledge are the key to finding true answers and guidance by means of metaphysical practices. If you are diligent and patient enough, if you are regular with your studies, you will learn to initiate contact with your hidden earthbound spirits, and learn how to astral-project yourself during sleep, find a way to give yourself a natural energy boost that lasts for hours, discover some tricks of numerology and Wiccan magic.

The Pagan store is a perfect way to enhance the abilities that have been bestowed upon you from the very moment of birth. It is a place where you can find assistance, guidance and instrumental support. Give it a shot and you will never regret it.

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Five Of The Essential Rituals For Practicing Third Eye Magick - Download Only
Added: May 13, 2018
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These are magickal rituals not published in any other public book or venue. These rituals originated in private collection and this is the first time they are being offered publicly. You will receive a book which contains 5 essential rituals related to practicing Third Eye magick. The Essentials are; Opening Your Third Eye, Control of Your Third Eye, Channeling Through Your Third Eye, Seeing Through Your Third Eye, and a special ritual known only for those who receive.

Our price: $29.00
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Five Of The Essential Rituals For Practicing Dream Magick
Added: May 13, 2017
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These are magickal rituals not published in any other public book or venue. These rituals originated in private collection and this is the first time they are being offered publicly. You will receive a book which contains 5 essential rituals related to practicing Dream magick. You will also receive a binding which contains the powers of all 5 rituals to help boost your ability & power. The Essentials are; Lucid Dreaming, Astral Travel Through Dreams, Deciphering Dreams, Influence the Dreams of Others, and a special ritual known only for those who receive.

Our price: $39.00
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Luna Bella - Powerful Moon Absorption & Transference Vessel
Added: Aug 11, 2016
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I call the spell on it Luna Bella, it's actually a blend of two, ancient Lunar Power spells; Roman Spell for Moon Power, Grecian Spell for Moon Energy Absorption. I then added my own spell which takes the energy & power absorbed through the box, and then transfers it to you, or another vessel! When it comes to Lunar work, Lunar spells, or conjurations during specific Lunar cycles, this tool is extremely handy for adding that extra, powerful, boost to your efforts!

Our price: $55.00
Market price: $1500.00 save 96%
Paranormal 101 Book - The Foundation Class Of Everything You Need To Know - Online Only
Added: Aug 3, 2013
(2 reviews)  


This is the foundation class for all other subsequent courses offered. This class is a quadmester of material that provides the basics & foundation methodologies that will lead into more complex & involved instruction.

Our price: $20.00
Market price: $100.00 save 80%
Prize Pack for Customer Appreciation Month! Receive Lots of Amazing Freebies :)
Added: Jan 15, 2019
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In celebration for our Customer Appreciation month & kicking off 2019 centered right around you!  You will adore the Prize Packs this month and they change each week :)  

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Cora Thornhill Estate - Dark & Beautiful Magic - Selene
Added: Jan 13, 2019
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Cora enjoyed the exploration that came with magic, and she loved working with the discovery and exploration of other entities and beings that came from within the Astral Realm.  This is not a binding for someone who is not familiar in working with magic, this binding is for someone who has experience in working with both magic & entities.  Cora created this binding as a way to communicate with a rare, beautiful, Lunar species of near-Immortals who she felt were the epitome of celestial power.  She called them the "Selene" after the Moon, but their full details will only be given to you.  This binding embodies not only a channel to communication with the species, but also a trove of enchantments that are uniquely special for working with astral magic and celestial bonds of power that provide immensely intense and enriching aspects of power from every level.  The spells are ethereal and Astral by design, and their intensity if unmistakable.

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Cora Thornhill Estate - Dark & Beautiful Magic - Dark Fall
Added: Jan 13, 2019
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Cora loved working with darker shades of magic that she felt embodied a presence of power that shadowed the traditional paths, and she created this binding after working with Fallen Angel magic that she found riveting.  This enchantment is about working with the darker, angelic energy and power from within the Astral Realm that brings out your ties to the ethereal & working with darker, more celestial forms of power.  She created this binding with the desire to accomplish a more rooted connection with darker, Angelic magic, and this binding is absolutely mind-blowing in its ability to surround you with favor.  She stopped at nothing to create a binding that was so enchanting & bewitching with dark magic, that it allowed her to monopolize and realize her command over these chilling and mysterious spells.  The enchantments woven into this binding are for Identifying Your Angelic Power (especially if you have Angelic bloodlines), Capturing Angelic Energy from Within (to raise your Angelic energy and help you make use of it for your journey), Veil of Angelic Presence (a shroud of Angelic energy that makes you more alluring and enchanting), and Fallen Energy (to accentuate your darker & more intriguing side of self).

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Feather Flame Spell for Power Of Over 200 Destiny Spells
Added: Jan 13, 2019
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This Feather Flame token is charged with the fire's elemental power of Destiny energy. It has Drawing spells to bring you a closer connection with the most prosperous and powerful path of Destiny that bears importance and significance for your ongoing happiness, fulfillment, and desire to make the most of your journey, etc.  These spells help you to see opportunities that are the most engaging and exceptional for your present and future, and guide you to realizing what you can do to make the most of your daily life & supernatural journey.  Working with these spells aligns you with the significant connection you hold with your journey and how your abilities and talents will help you fulfill a greater path of Destiny.

Our price: $6.25
Living Entity Binding - Custom Conjuration - Rekarrant - Skilled Mimics & Precision Adventurers
Added: Jan 13, 2019
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The Rekarrant are powerful beings of the Astral Realm who can create energy-morphs of themselves that blend their own power with the power of their pets & companions; sometimes making incredibly intimidating energy-morphs that look like magnificent hybrids. All Rekarrant are proficient in commanding and controlling the energy that exists around them; magical or not.  They create their energy-morphs as a way to be intimidating and fearsom during exploration within the Universe, but also for very intense games within their own community to show who is the most powerful in command of energy.  They are very energetic and bold; often leaving a hallmark of power around them.  They are voracious readers of other planets and species literature, they are travelers who are not afraid to dive into the deepest of crevices, and they absorb power and knowledge from all they encounter.  They are exceptionally clever, they are the kind of species that makes life-long friends, and their loyalty is never questioned.

Our price: $75.00
Striking Distance - Spell For The Cunning Manipulation Of Magick
Added: Jan 11, 2019
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This is a lively enchantment which deals with the cunning manipulation of magick! Through the binding you can command the target and application of magick to anything you desire. The binding works with all the spells and enchantments you own to formulate a specific & targeted action. For example, if you wanted retribution after a co-worker did something bad to you this binding will use all the spells & enchantments you own to formulate a retribution action. It could use your love spells to bring retribution through your co-worker's love life, or your luck spells to bring bad luck to your co-worker's life. As another example, if you wanted to build a protective shield this binding will use all the spells & enchantments you own for protection & security to bring them together in a shielding wall that works harmoniously together!

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