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10,000 Bonus Points

Use 10,000 of your bonus points to redeem these listings. Our bonus points are part of our customer reward program. Bonus points can be earned through every dollar you spend in the shop and can also be awarded through special promos in categories, specific listings, or during certain events through the shop. Bonus points are redeemed at checkout on the cart page. You can select the item you wish to redeem for and trade in your bonus points for services and/or bindings.
Bonus Points Redemption - 3 Command Vessels Of The Astral, Spiritual, & Physical Realms, And All Magick & Spirits Within
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Command bindings are a symbol of authority, respect, prestige, and power, and a true Command binding is something exceedingly difficult to make... which is why we have offered only a handful of them of this magnitude over the last 10 years. A Command binding is something cultivated with time, it requires numerous actions to be taken over certain periods of time & at specific times in order to have a fully developed, maximum efficiency & power piece.

Our price: $24.75