Danu Statue

Danu Statue
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Little surviving tales and mythology exists of Danu. There is not much to be said as to who or what Danu was in Irish legend. What is known is that she was a goddess. She shares similarities with Don, who does exist in writings, and is supposedly a mother goddess (though the gender of Don is never stated). Or perhaps Danu is Anu or vice versa? Regardless, Danu today is recognized as a mother and water goddess. This statue has incredible attention to detail and depicts Danu as such; her hair is neatly braided with fine detail, her breasts are fountains for water which trickle down her body to her lower half which resembles the craggy side of a waterfall. Her midsection is defined by a sun-like tattoo and her arms have similar etchings.

It is made of cold cast bronze and is 5 inches long, 4 inches wide, and 9 inches tall.
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