3 Bodies Spells Bindings

There are 3 types of bodies: Astral, Earthen and Spiritual.

The Astral body is an energy body. There all our emotions, all the characteristics of our nature exist. If a person is not developed emotionally or spiritually, his astral body looks like a turbid cloud that moves in different directions. The more a person is perfect in his feelings, the more his thoughts are clear and his astral body looks more definitely in form.

The Earthen body is the body that man has on his earthly life.

Spiritual body is the immortal beginning accompanying each of us at all stages of evolution. It connects people with perfection, harmony, wisdom, love - with the spiritual and divine world, with the absolute.

For the full functioning, you need to connect these 3 bodies together using binding spells, which can be found in this section. There are various types of Spells Bindings; each of them will help not only to bind bodies, but to develop each of them in the right direction, too. Each product is supplied with a detailed instruction of how to use it and description of how it works.

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