3 Body Magic Jewelry

Our 3 bodies are the 3 aspects of ourselves related to the 3 Realms. The 3 Realms are the Astral, Earthen, and Spiritual. The Astral Realm being the heavens of the Universe around us, the Earthen being the planet we reside on, and the Spiritual being the plane of existence between life & death. The divine power of the Astral Realm houses limitless power, wisdom, and beings; the most famous being many of the Immortals we know from Earthly stories. The Earthen Realm is our home, where we live, and the planet which gives us its core energy and influence; housing billions of lifeforms in the whole of its millions of years of life. The Spiritual Realm is home to many unique species, including some Immortals, as well as incredible power, influence and wisdom as related to the delicate string between live and death. It is also most notably the pass-through for beings once living and in spirit form. All spells, rituals, and enchantments within this category are related to your 3 bodies and how your 3 bodies wondrously connect & bond to the 3 Realms.
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