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3 Month Service - Enhancement of Divination Abilities

3 Month Service - Enhancement of Divination Abilities
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Every 3 months you receive a powerful connection with your divination abilities and enhance your psychic gifts, ability to work with tools of divination, and the power to work with divine gifts, intuitive abilities, and revelation.

This service is to help you sharpen your psychic abilities, hone your intuitive skills, and create a full embodiment of your divination gifts.  As you continue to work with your psychic skills and exercise your psychic connections, this binding will continue to provide encouragement, strength, and enhancement of your psychic skills.  You will have continued connection, strength, influence, and command for working with the divine forces that guide you with magick.

The strength and power of the enchantments last 3 months at a time and provide for you a very intense and bold connection for work with all facets of divination.   This service is to help you great stronger and more diversified in your psychic gifts and powers.

This subscription will renew every 3 months and an order will automatically be generated every 3 months.

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