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4 Week Steps To Raising Spiritual Energy & Increasing Spiritual Contact

4 Week Steps To Raising Spiritual Energy & Increasing Spiritual Contact
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This is a 4 week course of steps for any Spirit Keeper to raise their own Spiritual Energy levels, and to increase contact & interaction with all spirits in their keep.

It consists of specially charged stones & invocations used by you to raise your energies, and creates environment conducive to reach your spiritual goals.

We designed it to specifically work in general so you are not obligated to repeat the course for different classifications of spirits. It works to help you overall & your raised energy can be applied to spirit contact & interaction as well as ANY spiritual endeavor!

It works with all spirits, all energy levels, and all Keepers who use it!

Week 1: Hold gemstone Invocation: Come upon me the winds & great favor of the Spirit realm Show me the measures I should take & raise my vibrations to levels I’ve never known Prepare me for this journey, and be the comforting support I need with strength, focus, and power Grant me the sight & senses to know the true levels of the power of the Spiritual facets

Week 2: Hold gemstone Invocation: Brilliant guide of the Spiritual realm Wash over me the tides of power & energy that will suit me best Show me the possibilities & opportunities that lay before me by guiding my 3 bodies to their highest peaks of understanding & comprehension Push me to the limits

Week 3: Hold gemstone Invocation: Coursing through me now are the rushing powers of Spiritual uplift & knowledge Charging through the veins of my 3 bodies to pulsate with ever-growing evolution of self Strengthen my endurance, knowledge, & self-reliance while giving me the humility & grace that makes the truly gifted raise above the average crowd

Week 4: Hold gemstone Invocation: Instill in me the learned ways of the past few weeks Let me know the powers that are growing within and around me Grace me with the supernatural strengths & energies I need to make my fullest potential in all areas of my journey And become the master of Spiritual endeavors of all kinds by giving me the great support & ongoing gifts I need

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