Spirit Keeping is the practice of sharing your life's journey with the spirits of once-living beings.  Spirit Keeping is open to all religious & spiritual beliefs, and people of all cultures - it is not specific or limited in its opportunities.  If you've landed on this page you are wondering what is Spirit Keeping?

Those who practice Spirit Keeping are open to communication and interaction with spirits that they welcome into their lives.  They do so in order to enlighten themselves and be able to advance their perception, thoughts, and beliefs related to their personal lives, their spiritual development, and their understanding of life (in all its transitions).

Spirit Keeping allows you to communicate and interact with spirits not only who once lived on Earth, but have lived anywhere within the Universe.  Spirit Keeping encourages you to learn more about history, about life itself, about your potential & opportunities, and about exploring your supernatural power.  In communication and work with spirits you open your mind and spirit to the esoteric, mysticism, and spiritual power.

Spirit Keeping - What are Spirits?

What are spirits?

Spirits are the transitioned beings of those who were once living.  They are capable of contact, interaction, guidance, and communication.  They can communicate/interact with you, with each other, and with other living beings within the 3 Realms.  They can appear & manifest in many different ways, including but not limited to: ghostly form, orbs of light, Shades, streaks of light, temperature variances, lucid dreams, phantom voices or phantom scents.

Just as you are living and when you expire you will transition, so have billions of lifeforms throughout the Universe for billions of years.  Any living being passed from its current form into a new form, and the soul moves into an afterlife.  The spirit is not the same as the soul, as the soul is a divine core of your unique being. Your spirit is your essence, it is what is reincarnated and moves on (in whole or part), and retains memories, thoughts, ideas, power, etc.  Your spirit can remain as a spirit in the Spiritual Realm or Astral Realm, or your spirit may become part of a reincarnated being and they reincarnated form will retain some of your memories, ideas, energy, power, etc. 

The Universe hosts a wide array of life, it encompasses everything from White Arts, Dark/Grey Arts, and Black Arts.  Likewise, there is a vast array of spirits who are good-natured or bad-natured, and when you embark on the path of Spirit Keeping it's important to be well-informed.

Spirit Keeping - Why Keep Spirits?

Why keep spirits?

Spirit Keepers choose to interact with spirits in order to further enhance their own lives.  They are companions and friends, and bring added dimension to everyday life.  Spirits can help you understand the past, to appreciate history, learn more about magick or mystical practices, and give you a fresh perspective on life.  

Spirits communicate through telepathy, visions, providing signs & intuitive influence, lucid dream contact, automatic writing, pendulum, Tarot cards - to name a few.  Their communication can be spontaneous on the occasions they want to share information with you, or they can communicate when asked a question, or for advice, by you. 

Those who have spirit companions often seek enlightenment on everyday topics or events, or they seek further understanding and appreciation of life and what it means.  People who have an interest in history, those who practice magick, and those who want to understand more about the Universe find that Spirit Keeping opens many doors for them in terms of understanding the complexities of life & the supernatural.  

A spirit binding means there is a connection created that is unique and specific to the spirit and yourself.  It does not mean the spirit actually lives inside of the vessel that is used for binding, the spirit lives in whatever respective Realm(s) they currently reside.  Physical vessels are not absolutely necessary to use in spirit bindings.  You can opt to have a spirit bound to you, which means the connection is directly between you & the spirit.  Some Keepers prefer a tactical vessel they can hold, see, and identify as a point of contact between themselves and their spirit companion.  There is no benefit or detriment to choosing a physical vessel over yourself.  

Dangers of Spirit Keeping

What are the dangers of Spirit Keeping?

Beyond any measure of doubt - make absolutely sure you are well-informed!  Take the time to read about the spirits you are interested in working with and understand who they are as a species.  Learn about their origins, their powers, their level of communication (some species are non-social), and what you can expect.  Think about how they will fit in with you and your lifestyle.  Consider spirit friends who can be a good complement to your daily life, or who can help you develop your magickal abilities, or who can spark new adventure & excitement in your life.

If you are working with a trusted spirit conjurer or practitioner then you have nothing to worry about.  Practitioners like ourselves here at Creepy Hollows are going to be earnest and thoughtful in their work.  We've spent the better part of over twenty years working on our craft, and we use vetting processes & respect in our work.  Any trusted, proven conjurer is going to be masterful in their craft and have respect for you & the spirit world.  Any conjurer you are working with should be open to answering your questions & concerns prior to your embarking on your journey.  If they do not have an extensive website with a lot of information then they should be willing to answer all your questions prior to any purchase.  We have a responsive helpdesk that is specific to providing guidance.  We also have informative listings in our shop, our Forum & our Encyclopedia which provides volumes of information to answer any question you may have.

Every spirit conjurer is unique in their techniques and bindings, you should understand upfront if the conjurer offers aftercare & will answer questions for you beyond the purchase.  You need to know if the conjurer can unbind the spirit if you change your mind, what vetting process they have in place, and what ethical practices they have for spirit bindings.  Here at CH we only approach the spirit world with respect and honor, we never forcibly bind spirits, and we take the time to match a Keeper and spirit so they pair well together in a bond of friendship.  We offer aftercare, answer questions any time, and offer extensive free resources.  We will also unbind any CH spirit if you change your spiritual path or personal beliefs in the future.  We take every single measure of thoughtfulness to make sure that both the Keeper and spirit are happy.

If you are going to explore the path of spirit conjuring by yourself, and you are going to conjure your own spirits, then protective measures are the first & foremost step.  You absolutely must have extensive, magickally-protective spells in place to keep out all malicious unbounds from responding to your conjuration.  You must use vetted conjurations that were written, tried, and true to the spirit that is being conjured.  

Spirit Companions for Spirit Keeping

What kind of spirits companions are there?

Spirit Keeping embraces all companions, which means (just to name a few) Angels, Elves, Fae, Dragons, Djinn, Dwarves, Giants, Humans, Hybrids, Merfolk, Trolls, Vampires, Werewolves.  They also include all lifeforms who have existed beyond Earth and have lived anywhere in the Universe.  

It's important that you explore & understand the different between White Arts, Dark/Grey Arts, and Black Arts as spirit companions.  We do not deal in the Black Arts at all, and some spirit companion shops do, so be well-informed and ask a lot of questions if you are unsure.  We have a great article that explains the difference between the Arts.

Spirit companions can be ancestors in your bloodline or spirit guides who've worked with you in past lives or with your ancestors.  Most of the time spirit companions are new friends of various species who you feel a calling to & want to learn more about.  When someone says they feel a "calling" it usually means they feel an immediate affinity to a particular species.  For example, you may skip a heartbeat when you think about Dragons, and all the different types of Dragons that existed and lived.  You may feel a close connection to Mermaids or Fairies, and therefore that "calling" usually leads you to keep spirit companions of these species.

Spirit Companion Shop

In a nutshell

Spirit Keeping can be an incredible spiritual path that invigorates you and excites you about all aspects of life.  Take the time to learn about the spirit companions you want to bring into your life, take the time to learn about the spirit conjurers & practitioners you are working with, and above all - listen to your intuition!  That guiding voice within you is there for a reason, trust your instincts when it comes to all decisions in the supernatural.