How are they made?

Practice-created artifacts

This is a vastly wide discussion, as during various periods of time, the objects themselves transform.  In the time periods when the "pagan" practices of witchcraft were socially-acceptable, by cultures & countries worldwide, you are more likely to see the symbols, incantations, and apparent usage on the exterior of amulets and literature.  As you flow into time periods where any practice of witchcraft could mean your immediate death, the ability to recognize objects of magick then vanishes - for obvious reasons.  Objects of magical source become seemingly normal, everyday objects that can be found in anyone's home, or on anyone's person.  For much of the world, this extends right into the 21st century.  As much as some people would love to believe humanity has advanced, the fact is, most people do not want to be judged, or excluded, for their practices in the supernatural.  

Some objects, never meant to see the light of public view, may feature some symbols, words, or identifying features, but for those objects worn in daily life, or kept out in public view of guests or family, look like any decoration or utilitarian object.  As we do not live in a Hollywood film, there isn't a witchcraft town or alley where every practitioner in the world goes to buy their wares for their practices & it's all manufactured by supernatural sources for consumption only by witches & warlocks.  On the contrary, and to the credit of practitioners of hundreds of years, they create their artifacts with their own ingenuity, creativity, and necessity.  They use household objects, or objects of sentimental value, or objects they create... it's varied and beautifully-so.  Practitioners are not one breed, they come from all countries, all cultures, all walks of life, and therefore the great breadth of power and diversity comes from this wonderfully-mixed connection.  

Most artifacts left by practitioners upon their passing are then incorporated into the lives of their children, grandchildren, nieces/nephews, who practice magick.  They become part of their lives and their family history in the supernatural.  Those artifacts may never become offered publicly, and sometimes it takes decades before someone breaks the chain of inheritance. 

However, there is a vast many that simply get thrown away, donated, or sold as their simple vessel.  This can happen for several reasons, chiefly either the surviving family was unaware of their family member's practices, but mostly because they don't believe in witchcraft or the supernatural & they throw it away.  We called about an estate when we read the surviving family was getting ready to sell the home.  We knew there was tremendous, supernatural value of everything in the home, and we were going to make an offer on the contents of the home that were available.  It was important to try and keep the history of the contents alive for future generations.  By the time we called, it had all been donated to nationwide thrift store.  We tried calling the local office who had collected the contents of the home, but they informed us that as a nationwide chain, the objects had been distributed across numerous stores.  145 years of history in the supernatural, gone & forgotten.  We can only hope that those sensitive in the supernatural found their way to the objects, and gave them a good home.  That is the sad reality of practitioner estates when no plans are made for the surviving family to inherit, especially if the inheritors don't believe in the practice of magick.

Finding estate artifacts typically happens in a network of people who practice.  You know someone who has passed and you reach out to find out if anything will be made available.  Or, surviving family is left with instruction of who is best to sell the items too, who can appreciate their value.  There are people who broker artifacts for others, and the best way of finding these groups of people is to be involved in the magical community.  Granted, they usually require some line of trust and overall participation, because despite it being the 21st century, most people don't want their supernatural hobbies known publicly.  If you're serious about being a collector, and you want to hunt & scout your own artifacts, the best way of achieving this is to become active in your local magical communities, oddities & curiosities groups, and paranormal investigators.  While the public may not be aware of notable homes and practitioners in their community, the magical community is quite aware.

Obtaining magical artifacts is also not limited to those who pass, you can barter or buy artifacts from practitioners who are open to selling or trading.  Practitioners may change their course of study or practice, or they may want to start something new, and you can obtain artifacts from living practitioners of various study and level of practice.  Again, the best way to do this is to be involved in the local communities, or even online communities.  Just spend time getting to know them, allow them to get to know you, and the more you network in these groups, the more you open yourself to opportunities.  Privacy and respect is paramount in most supernatural circles, and it is common for anyone in these groups to use their magical or practitioner name.  Being mindful and respectful of these practices is important, because traditions mean a lot within these groups.  If you join any of these communities, be sure to ask about any of their bylaws regarding public usage of material, names, and connections related to their group, as most will ostracize you if you violate their privacy.

Paranormal Objects

This is a publicly-common occurrence that can happen in any household, those less often in modern times.  50 years ago and hundreds of years prior, objects that were purchased for personal use, or family use, were not disposable.  You had your television, phone, shoes, appliances, jewelry, shirt/pants/dress repaired - you did not toss them when they became soiled or broken.  There were entire career paths devoted to keeping the objects in your home in good condition.  People would buy a telephone and it would exist in their home for decades.  Touched and used daily by all members of the home, and over time that energy layers on the object like a patina.

In the 21st century world, everything is disposable.  Nothing is meant to last a lifetime, and therefore you don't see the animation of objects through energy anymore.  There won't be the incredible plethora of paranormal objects that existed 20 years ago and continues to rapidly dwindle with time.  Future generations will have to dig deep to find paranormal objects.

For those alive now, finding these objects can take some time, but they are well worth the hunt.  If you are sensitive to energies, you will find the objects by touching them, and spending a few minutes connecting with the object itself.  For some, they can sense an object in the room, before they even have a chance to touch it, and they are drawn to it like a form of magnetism.

The most common artifacts you can find that are heavily imbued with paranormal energy are:

- vintage, antique, or ancient coins
- vintage or antique telephones
- vintage or antique doorknobs
- vintage or antique furniture
- vintage or antique books (especially those referenced or read excessively)
- mourning jewelry made from hair
- antique shoes & clothing
- vintage or antique utilitarian objects (especially tools or kitchenware)

This is just a small list - the creation of a paranormal object is in its repeated, ongoing use for decades of time.  There may be other types of objects that get created.  For example, if someone has a lucky charm they carry all the time, or rub for good luck constantly.  Or, a sentimental object someone carries, touches, or sleeps with on a regular basis.  While beds are often an incredible source of energy (especially antique beds kept for generations), they are often not practical for collecting because of their size & their safety.

These are all objects used and touched on a regular basis, by typically more than one person.  Over time they have this incredible energy that builds on them.  This is typically found when people who exhibit a lot of energy naturally, come into contact with the object repeatedly.  Some people discharge energy at greater volumes than others, and when they touch an object for 20, 30, 40, 50 years on a regular basis, that energy builds & builds until it takes on an animation of its own.

Personal material, like hair, teeth, or bones, carry their own energy from the host.  They are inherently connected because they are part of the person who was living.  These objects have a very personal energy and should be treated with care and respect.  They were part of a once living person who had dreams, ambitions, desires, and a life that meant the world to them - so be mindful and considerate when working with objects of these materials.

Identifying and working with these objects takes time, and it's best to keep a journal of what you experience when you hold, work with, meditate with, or sleep near the object.  Typically they will present with temperature changes, manifestations of mist, haze, fog, light streaks, or orbs. With something like the telephone you may be able to hear phantom voices through the receiver, or hear phantom ringing. In the case of mourning jewelry, hair, teeth, or bones - you may feel a connection to the person; sense something from them, have an energy kinship with them, and if you place near your bed you may have dreams of them during your sleep cycle.