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Addition Of Master Vessels :: Singular Source Of All The Spells & Spirits You Have

Addition Of Master Vessels :: Singular Source Of All The Spells & Spirits You Have
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If you already have one Master Vessel and you want to add additional Master Vessels to your collection, you can utilize this listing.

A Master Vessel is a singular source of all the spells & spirits you desire to have on one vessel. I, for one, have several master vessels, because of the sheer number of spells & spirits I work with. For most people one Master Vessel certainly works. Because of the way we construct the bindings that comprise a Master Vessel, you can mix any spirits or spells of the White Arts, Dark Arts/Grey Arts, or Black Arts on one vessel. You can add spirits from CH, from any seller or practitioner, and any spirits that you conjure yourself, or spells you bind yourself.

You do not need to send us your bindings, the vessel comes with the instructions via download or you can find them in our Knowledgebase. The instructions tell you how to add the spirits & spells to your Master Vessel, and you can add multiple bindings all at once for your convenience. From there you can request any binding from CH to be added directly to your Master Vessel upon process of your order!

This listing works one of two ways: you can allow us to choose a Master Vessel for you, or you can use any vessel you have as your Master Vessel.  If you opt to add additional Master Vessels they are sent as stones for you to create your own additional Master Vessels.

If you desire us to choose, we will choose the vessel. If you desire to use your own vessel, you will receive a stone & instructions for the transfer of power to create your Master Vessel, and instructions for adding your spirits & spells.

A Master Vessel is imbued with a special blend of spells that allow the layering of combined Art classifications... a complex layering system of protection, shielding, and barrier spells... and an eternal energy source that does not need recharging to keep all spells & spirits at their optimum level. Thus, the Master Vessel never needs recharging.

A Master Vessel is automatically Bridged so anything added to the Master Vessel is Bridged as well. This is because a Master Vessel is tailored specifically to the owner & a Master Vessel can be called upon by the owner at any time, anywhere.

Because of the complexity of the work involved Master Vessel creations are only Class 5, tier 3 in power.

You can select the type of Arts you wish your Master Vessel to be. Neutral Arts means you can put White Arts & Dark Arts together; this is the default of Master Vessels. If you opt to buy additional Master Vessels and you want them to be different Arts please leave us notes letting us know.

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