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Ancient Worlds Collection© :: India :: Bhoot Named Tasprit (C4)

Ancient Worlds Collection© :: India :: Bhoot Named Tasprit (C4)
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The Ancient Worlds Collection© is a tribute done exclusively by Creepy Hollows to shed well-deserved light on some of the most incredible civilizations to have ever existed on the planet.

We truly hope you enjoy the treasures of The Ancient Worlds Collection© and appreciate the hard work and power associated with each, individual item. Enjoy!

Bhoots are ghosts and they are the spirits of those who were once living. They, like most entities, can be good or bad. Any of the Bhoots we offer here are good, unless otherwise expressly noted.

Depending on the Bhoot you have depends entirely upon the way they can help and influence your life.

This listing is for Tasprit. He was a politician who had a mix character. He could be quite generous or he could be selfish and staunch. He is an opportunist to the extreme.

This is for a Class 4 (C4).
Class IV
- Spirit/Spells/Magic highly noticeable. Presence can be felt strongly by owner when holding, wearing or near the object. Can move by itself, effect the moods, thoughts, feelings and emotions of others. Able to penetrate a target up to 200 miles away. Intensely powerful and typically only owned by collectors.
You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings

Vessel is pewter.

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