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About our site

We were the first internet website dedicated to Spirit Keeping and continue to remain an authority on the processes & truths about what Spirit Keeping is and means.

Creepy Hollows is a paranormal community. It is comprised of people from all across the world, of different backgrounds, religions, ages, etc that all share one common thread... a passion for the paranormal. What do we mean by paranormal? Spirits, ghosts, aliens, UFOs, dimensions, magic, spellwork, the power of nature, religious icons, natural energy, oddities, miracles, mysteries, secret societies, forgotten or ancient civilizations, witty observations, and every thing that has to do with the paranormal & metaphysical in between.

Our goal is to shed the well-deserved, positive light on the paranormal and help those who have questions find the answers they seek through education, literature, other people who come here and through self-discovery. We try to take the fear out of the "fear of the unknown" because knowledge is power.

No matter if you are brand new to the paranormal & have no idea where to start or if you are a well-seasoned professional there is some aspect of Creepy Hollows that can help you!

There is no governing ideology here regarding spirituality & religion. We aren't here to change your mind or make you conform to any "standard". We do abide by guidelines & rules of Spirit Keeping, but aside from that your religious & spiritual beliefs are your own, and are part of your personal journey, and Spirit Keeping is merely a complement to your current life path. Because of this we ask that you be mindful & respectful of others if you participate in our forums because all of us have different ideas on what is right for us, and you should always respect the right of others to follow their own path.

If you think Spirit Keeping is right for you, then you're in the right place, we're glad to have you! If you come, visit & decide it's not for you, that's okay too. It's an individual decision you have to make for yourself.

If you're brand new to all of this or already have a taste for what is going on the links below will help you (if you're a practitioner, psychic or paranormal investigator look a little further down the page...)

We have a Forum with more than 2,800 members that operates to answer questions on a multitude of topics including spirit-keeping, casting spells, conspiracy theories, seances, ghosts, paranormal investigations and with 400,000+ threads there's never a dull moment. Registration to the forum is 100% free!

We have an Encyclopedia with more than 1,000 articles dedicated to casting magic, keeping spirits, binding spirits, determination if your home is haunted, astral traveling, how to banish unwanted spirits, articles on individual creatures, entities, gods, goddesses, immortals and more. There is much to read & always something interesting to learn! The Encyclopedia is 100% free!

We have an Online Store that features more than 8,000 listings of custom conjuration, custom spell-work, already bound spirits of hundreds of different entities, estate treasures, incredible spellbindings, interesting enchantments and much, much more! We are always exploring new & incredible avenues of the paranormal.

We have a Contest portion of the site that is always running contests! Our most famous is our Treasure Hunts which happen anywhere between 2-6 a year. These contests are 100% free!

If you still have questions feel free to contact us through our Helpdesk! This way you can ask questions of any nature and receive an answer... Helpdesk

If you are a practitioner, paranormal investigator, psychic, etc these links will help you...

We have a Marketplace that operates much like eBay with auctions, stores, fixed priced listings, etc except on our site it is 100% free. You can list your psychic readings, paranormal services, Reiki services, clearings, spellcasting, anything on the site related to the paranormal & metaphysical absolutely 100% free all the time!

In the Forum we have Seller Announcements & Website Showcase area for practitioners of any kind to advertise their websites and to post announcements about what is going on! You can make announcements about upcoming events, auctions or listings you're having, whatever the case may be. Through statistics provided by the hosting company & forum software we know that sellers who advertise on our forum receive a significant boost in their website traffic & gain new clients or collectors. Registration to the forum is 100% free!

Creepy Hollows is the premiere site for those who want to further their journey in the paranormal and metaphysical. It is a sanctuary for the discriminating collector. We deal with Spirits, Spells, Magic and more! We offer many amenities at no charge and for myself & my husband this is our passion, our life and our second family. If you join us you'll see that this is the most welcoming, caring community for those who want to pursue a life in the paranormal and metaphysical!

No matter who you are or what you reason for coming here is I guarantee there is something on Creepy Hollows that will pique your interest, get your creative mind flowing & challenge yourself to learn more about what the paranormal world is all about! We are a great community of caring, fascinating people who welcome each other with open arms. This is a second home for many people because even though we all differ in many ways we have a common bond that keeps us in constant mind, body & spirit evolution and that unquenchable thirst to continually discover what is this paranormal world all about!