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Baha'I Djinn Conjuration :: Luck
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There are many djinn, each with their own, special powers... some are all-knowing, all-powerful... others have specific tasks and gifts granted them and they are supremely powerful in those bestowed talents...

It is always a good idea to own however many djinn you feel you need in your life. Whether it be one, two, ten or more! You can never have enough magic, power, support and love from djinn! They always work for you and with you.

There are all-powerful djinn and djinn given specific gifts. Owning multiple djinn that compliment your life is a wonderful way to collect because you have many working for you all the time as opposed to one trying to do it all.

There is no danger in owning multiple djinn as they will work together and compliment each other to bring greater power and influence into your life.

You will receive by email the invocation for you to recite to call the djinn of your choice. They will be bound directly to your spirit!

These invocations are available ONLY through Creepy Hollows as they were expressly written for us.

Use the invocation to call a djinn! You can bind the djinn to yourself or to an object if you so choose. Using the invocation alone will call a djinn to yourself.

This is for the "Maiden of Heaven"... the Bahá'í texts show us that Bahá is an angel and a spirit of Bahá'u'lláh's revelation. She can inhabit you to bring you connectedness to your higher self. She gave Bahá'u'lláh strength, endurance and passion to withstand persecution and continue his ministry of the beautiful angel Bahá from a prison in Tehran.

Bahá is an angel of no comparison in beauty. She is the essence of all that beautiful, pure, good and strong. Bahá'í angels are a level of ethereal djinn capable of possessing both traits of angel and djinn. Their ethereal and closely mystical connection gives them unsupressed powers!

You will find no djinn more beautiful, pure, powerful and life-altering than a Bahá'í angel!!!

It is written of these magnificent angels "Ye are the angels, if your feet be firm, your spirits rejoiced, your secret thoughts pure, your eyes consoled, your ears opened, your breasts dilated with joy, and your souls gladdened, and if you arise to assist the Covenant, to resist dissension and to be attracted to the Effulgence!"

Find yourself in the company of a supreme spirit.

This invocation is for a:

Powers of: Good Luck
Female Angelic Djinn

Upon successful invocation you will have impression of your djinn's name. If you feel you are not receiving the impressions using automatic writing or meditation will bring these details to light.

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