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Carved Bone Amulets

From the very beginning of civilization, people were fond of magic. In ancient times, shaman practices were used to attract good weather, to calm the spirits or rituals conducted before a war. One of the mandatory conditions for a successful rite was the availability of additional items, simplifying the processes, for example, bones.

Bones of different creatures have a wide application in magic, with the help of bones a person can be bewitched, spoilt, lapelled and many other good and not really things. Bones are widely used in the art of magic and often exist as irreplaceable part of rituals. Every person involved in magic has his own guide to the world of subtle matter, and in most cases, these are bones. Different bones either human or animal are used for variety of purposes. In our online store all kinds of bones can be found. Clean and shown in different sizes, these bones are ready to use. There are a lot of ways and methods for usage, so find the most convenient exactly for you.

Magical Bones Imbued For Different Magical Application - The Unusual In Your Collection
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This listing is for a bone of your selection imbued with an enchantment; for use in different magical applications.

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