Celtic Spells Bindings

The life of ancient people was imbued with magic, or even the magic at that time was a part of everyday life. In different periods, some beliefs were replaced by others, the gods succeeded the gods, but human always wanted to touch the unknown, to glance at least with one eye at the world of the mystery future. Moreover, if we talk about magic, it is impossible to ignore the magical knowledge and rituals of the ancient Celts.

Celts used a huge number of different talismans and amulets, each of them was attributed to a certain purposes. The most powerful effect on human life had water talismans. They were produced mainly from minerals of bluish shades. The fire was identified with the sun and it was credited with the same qualities as well as respect. There were talismans of the Earth. Women mainly used talismans of this element. To air amulets and talismans belonged all objects with an image associated with air or heaven, such as pigeons and so on.

However, Celtic spells, magical amulets and talismans are available nowadays. Just check this section to see it yourself and become a part of this Celtic magic world.

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