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Vampire, Elf, Faery Nympho and other charging boxes, charging bags used for spirit stones, a working bowl made of pure onyx gemstone that suit different rituals, portable charging stones and many other items are available here. The various charging boxes and other charging supplies fit for practitioners and collectors as well. A special stasis charging box hides any spelled or energy-bound bindings perfectly. The handmade carved gemstone charging bowls have a huge energy of love and connection. Sterling, silver chain will give charging energy to any vessel placed on it. A special pod will provide charging and refreshing energy. The booster bag will intensify the connection with any spirit. And the excellent wooden stands will supply accuracy and charging energy too. Some of the bags need the special activation code words, but most of the boxes and other supplies are ready to work with them.

A large part of these wares is the registered copyright of Creepy Hollows. Such items are marked with a special symbol. Enlarge your collection with these exclusive high quality great things. Get the necessary tools and supplies for your rituals and practice in our webstore. Make your choice and buy online.

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Charging Bags, Chains, Misc
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Onyx Working Bowl of Enchantments
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This Working Bowl is pure onyx gemstone and is approximately 3" in diameter. This is a multi-faceted tool that can be used in whole or part by anyone in the paranormal. You can use this Working Bowl as a Divination Bowl, a Charging Bowl, a Binding Bowl, and as a Portal Bowl. You will receive instructions on how to use this incredible tool in each of these ways!

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Market price: $125.00 save 76%