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* When you click this link it will open your default email program.  If you use a different email address for the paranormal community than your regular email, then please send an email directly to support@creepyhollows.com


Magnolia & Ash- founders & owners of the site, perform all of the conjurations, bindings, rituals, magick, and contribute the content throughout the site. Magnolia uses "creepyhollows" as her username. Ash uses "ash-mda" as his username.

Our Creepy Crew
Our support staff provides full support to allow Ash & Magnolia the ability to perform their supernatural work. The Creepy Crew handles all transcription of notes as related to spells, spirits, living entities, custom work, etc into your order notes, they make the initial selection of all vessels for orders (vessels may be changed based on preference of spirits or entities as they are given priority choice), and they perform all duties related to packaging, note documentation, paperwork printing & filing, shipping, tracking documentation, etc.

Juno- Shipping Staff, Helpdesk
Mortimer- Shipping Staff, Helpdesk
Nova- Shipping Staff, Helpdesk
Willow- Etsy, Shipping Staff, Helpdesk
Fawn- Shipping Staff
Giovanni- Shipping Staff
Niccolo- Shipping Staff
Marie- Etsy Only
Riane- Etsy Only