Crystal Ball, Scrying Ball

Crystal balls and scrying balls are a staple in the realm of foretelling the future, seeing visons of the past, present, and future, communicating with ancestors, and interacting with the Spiritual Realm & Astral Realm.  They are a must-have for any enthusiast of spirits, magick, and psychic power.

Cast Crystal - The Embrace Of All
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You will receive a stunning, genuine crystal, amulet which has been cast with a spell that opens your senses, allows you to feel everything magickal, and paranormal around you. It encourages you to be connected, and inspired, by the world around you, and empowers your physical gifts, your paranormal gifts, stimulates your dormant abilities, and encourages growth to your apparent abilities. When hung in the sunlight, the crystal absorbs the Sun's energy, and relays that energy to you for positive power, and strength. When hung in the moonlight, the crystal absorbs the Moon's energy, and relays that energy to you for restoration, cleansing, and peace.

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Multi-Purpose Gemstone Orb
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A beautiful, polished, gemstone orb that is multi-purpose! Aeon Orb, Scrying Orb, 3 Body Boost!

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Scrying Orb Psychic Tool for Visions Of Divination
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This orb is imbued with the power of Divination. Holding it while in meditation or relaxation of mind and body allows visions to come to the holder.

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Universal Crystal Ball for the Power To See Everything
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We hand-crafted these crystal balls which comes with a stand. Your Crystal Ball will hold a vast amount of information and power. It is calibrated exactly to your energy signature and will reveal visions and revelations related to you, your life, your future, your past lives, your ancestry, the future of the world, the future of the Universe, the power to see spirits in their true forms, the power to remote view any location in the Universe, the power to communicate on the Astral & Spiritual Realms, and the power to summon spirits & entities for communication & interaction.

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We Custom Imbue Your Crystal Ball For You With Spells of Accuracy
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We custom imbue your Crystal Ball set with your energy circle (as drawn from your birthdate) to help you be more in tune with the results given by the crystal.  You have 2 options for this listing:

1. Buy a Crystal Ball from the shop & add this spell to the cart along with the Crystal Ball to be done at the same time

2. We ship you a transmute stone that moves the spells from the stone to the Crystal Ball you have at home already

You must purchase a service/stone for each Crystal Ball you wish to be imbued.

Our price: $6.00