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Custom Conjured Vampire Spirits

A custom conjured Vampire spirits called specifically and especially for you. This provides a stronger bond and interaction between Keeper and spirit.
Custom Conjuration Of Master Spirit :: Leaders Within The Spirit Family
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A master spirit is a spirit who is a leader amongst your spirit family. They are the peacekeepers, the organizers, the leaders, the guides, and will be your second-in-command. They do not replace you as the leader of your spirit family, they are your direct confidantes who will help you to work with your spirits, communicate with your spirits, organize efforts, organize tasks, understand the connections with how your spirits can work with spells you have, and overall provide a more cohesive atmosphere and environment for you & your spirit family.

Our price: $250.00
Which Clan Do I Belong To? Reading & Binding Of A Vampire
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These readings are a new offering from CH! You are going to receive a short reading of which Clan you belong to, which one resonates the greatest to your personality & paranormal path, and you will also receive a binding of a spirit of that respective Clan!

Our price: $275.00
Magnet Match :: A Custom Conjuration Of Multiple Spirits Related To Your Energy, Your Ancestry, Or Each Other
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You will receive a binding of one or several spirits who are a match to you based on our new para-technology technique of Magnet Match. This is an open conjuration where the spirits who are most magnetic to your energy signature are bound for you! This can yield one or more spirits at a time! You can select in the drop-down below which Arts you would prefer. With Magnet Match it can yield spirits who are related to each other, related to you in past lives, related to your ancestry, or simply are very connected to you based on your energy.

Our price: $300.00
Custom Conjuration Of Sanguine Vampire Spirit From Mogi Clan
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The Mogi Clan is one of the earliest Clans of Vampires. They were bonded by their early bloodline in the Vampiric race. They were smaller in stature, most of them only standing around 5' tall, and they had small bat-like features with beady eyes, flat & pointy noses, and sharp facial bones. They were extreme predators who flexible bodies allowed them to contort, move with lightning speed, and spring towards prey with deadly accuracy.

Our price: $500.00