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Custom Conjuring Spirits

Do you think djinns, unicorns, mermaids, elves, gnomes, amazon women and other creatures are just fiction? Do not believe in their existence and in every way deny their presence in our world? The Creepy Hollows store can refute such beliefs! In this section of our store, we offer a truly unique range of magic items, which includes spells to summon a variety of creatures, bindings to help build a stronger connection between a spirit and Keeper, as well as spells that can help not only communicate with spirits, but also make friends with them. Using these magical spells, you will be able to establish contact even with the rarest creatures, who are usually reluctant to make contact. You can not only get answers to your questions, but also feel the unique power of magical creatures. Through these spells, creatures will give you a bit of their power, guiding you in all the business of yours. Utilizing the magic of objects in this section, you will forever get support and get a real spirit friend.
Witches Of Wemberton :: Dark Arts :: They Played With Fire & They Got It
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The Witches of Wemberton were a human coven of practicing Witches who wanted to take their practice to the next level. They took practices that were brought over during Roman occupation of Briton and worked it with various techniques developed in Briton, Ireland, and Scotland areas, and convened with a powerful persuasion of skilled magick. They wanted to achieve a level higher than human consciousness through an ancient, Roman ritual they blended with Briton's newer magick, and called with some of the darker rituals & sacrificial rituals known before their time. Their pursuits were successful, in some terms, and in that success of elevating human consciousness to the Spiritual efforts, they unleashed a darker side that they had not quite intended. Because of that the coven took on a darker tone and the members were more darkly invested in the actions of magick. They were outrageous, wild, wickedly motivated, and worked with a great range of Dark Arts, & borderline Black Arts, magick. Their blend became increasingly powerful until the coven was largely wiped out during an epidemic.

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Wood Elf :: Custom Conjuration :: Guardian, Elemental Companion, Dashing & Fair
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They are also a pale-skinner, slender race that are known to be trustworthy and fair. They live deep within the forests and are guardians and protectors of the earth. They protect everything between the soil and sky including foliage, trees, insects and animals. They are blindingly quick when they dash through the forests... typically humans only see the shadow of a Wood Elf. They are capable of moving through the trees more nimbly than any forest creature. They are attentive and good listeners as they often companion humans when they walk through the forest though they may not know it.

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