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Dark Arts Cavern Charging Box

A Charging Box for your spirits of Dark Arts to keep them healthy, refreshed and energized. Enchantment lasts a lifetime, no need to recast.
Bannik Spirit Named Antana - Psychic Dreams, Visions, And Power
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This Bannik spirit's name is Antana.  She manifests in a silver gown and with a light-blue pool of light.  She strengthens your psychic mind, your ability to work with divine visions, dreams, and revelations, and she will help you find greater confidence and brilliance in working with all forms of power.  She wants you to be stronger and more connected to your psychic power.  She communicates well through visions and dreams.

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Dark Arts Offering For Bonding & Interaction
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You will receive an Offering Kit with their favorite herb & an amulet of their favorite color to be offered to them by you in their Charging Box, in their favorite place in your home, or anywhere you interact with them or you feel is appropriate!

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