Dark Arts Spirit Companions

The Dark Arts are always attractive. They beckon with something forbidden; they are full of secrets and mysteries, which not everyone can unravel. Do you want to know the world of dark magic and build a spirit friend who, despite his dark nature, will stand by your side? Then boldly use the spells presented in this section of our store. These spells are easy to use, but have tremendous power. With their help, you will be able to summon various creatures such as Dwarf, Faun, Giant, Hellhound, Minotaur, Nephilim Angel, Ogre, Psy Vampire, Sanguine Vampire, Werewolf, Basilisk, Empusa, Wraith, Adlet... and the list can go on! You will also be able to create a truly strong reliable connection between you and these creatures. However, in order to make spirits feel comfortable in our world, we offer to purchase a Charging Box that will be an excellent place for them. There they can rest and gain strength, so they will always be energetic and ready to make contact at any time you need.