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Divination Mirror, Scrying Mirror, Scrying Glass

Buy a divination mirror or scrying glass to see visions of your past, present, and future.  Divination mirrors will strengthen your psychic abilities and draw greater power to your Third Eye.

Magic Mirror - To Divine, Trap, Disperse, Dream, and Reveal
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You will receive an amazing mirror which contains a complex blend of spells which perform many functions for its Keeper.  The magick mirror can be a source of divination and reveal to you visions and messages... it traps evil spirits, entities, magick, and energy and dispels it from your home... it can make your dreams vivid, lucid, and compelling to your life... it can show you reflections of any spirits in your care... and it has a powerful spell which rejuvenates the three bodies when you stare into the mirror.

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Oracle Bowl :: The Power Of The Ancients Reveal Psychic Visions
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This hand-carved gemstone bowl features a rare and beautiful enchantment of Grecian origin. The binding is a powerful & revealing tool of supernatural power. The bowl provides psychic abilities, divine messages & thoughts, the power to exercise and utilize the powers of Oracles of ancient Europe, and the ability to summon those of great power to give you advice and guidance.

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Slumber In Magic - Intense Experiences While You Sleep
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You will receive a beautiful pillowcase imbued with spells to encourage intense experiences during sleep cycle: hyper-lucid dreaming, astral time travel, past life recreation, visions of & from spirits, Immortals, and ancestors, surreal adventure dreams, and visions of yourself in different life paths. It is a really amazing combination of spells that makes your sleep time something to REALLY look forward to every night! We were originally going to make pillows, but this way you can use this pillowcase on any pillows, or you can choose to lay it flat under the mattress or under your current pillow; having the case instead of a pillow opens you to possibilities, and you can wash as needed.

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