Djinn Genie Spirits

Find a new Djinn spirit friend with an Astral Djinn, Cleopatra Djinn, Ifrit Djinn, Marid Djinn, Norse Djinn, and more.

What is a genie?

A genie is a magical being, created out of smokeless fire. They are bestowed with enormous supernatural power, given to them directly from God. Even though they are believed to be created from fire, they still can interact with other people and objects in a tactile manner, or can be acted upon. Jinn ghosts are mentioned in many religious manuscripts, where they are free-willed, and can choose to be good, bad or neutral. To find a gjinn spirit is not easy, though if you search thoroughly enough, a genie will grant some of your most sincere wishes.

What is the difference between a genie and a djinn?

They are one and the same, as the only difference is in the spelling. The word comes from Arabic, where it is written in an authentic way. The form “genie” is an anglicized version of the world, which appeared together with the Disney Aladdin cartoon.

Buy a jinn spirit friend

In our store, you can find numerous supplies for finding and treating a genie. The creature will become your friend and will grant most of your wishes if you take good care of it. Jinn genie spirits are powerful supernatural beings; therefore, it is dangerous to toy with them. On our website, you can find all the necessary recommendations as to what you need to do to make your experience with a genie real and bonding.

Abra Djinn Spirit Named Alenen - Brings Keeper Guardianship & Protection
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This Abra Djinn spirit's name is Alenen (All-eh-nen), he is 5,943 years, he has brown hair, hazel eyes, and golden skin.  He is a guide for working with protective measures, confidence, and strength within your destiny.  He is quick to give you advice and confidence when working with the supernatural.  He is encouraging when it comes to magick, spells, and work with divine energies.  He works well with other spirits for joint tasks.  He is an assuring and bold guide for work with the supernatural.  He is a sure and focused guide who will entertain you and guide you towards what you desire and help you manifest power within your journey.  He is assuring and friendly with guidance and vision for work with the supernatural.

He is a rare and fun friend who will inspire you to take greater control and focus when it comes to what you want and how you desire to see new potential in your life.  He helps you keep clarity, focus, and encouragement of your journey and future.  He is a fascinating and energetic guide who will give you the determination and vision that you need to follow through with your goals and see more within your mystic self.  He will guide you through travel and work within the Astral Realm.

Our price: $62.50
Bridging Stone© - Creepy Hollows Exclusive!
(7 reviews)  

Bridging is a new technique that my husband, Ash, and I have developed to allow the spirits and spells we cast to be with both the vessel and the Keeper. It is a technique we have copyrighted. All of our spirits and spells come with this exclusive technique! Read all the details about Bridging, Cross-Bridging and Un-Bridging here.

Our price: $6.25
Code Word :: Your Choice Of A Singular Code Word For A Race Of Spirit
(8 reviews)  

Purchase individual Code Words for the races of spirits you desire!

Our price: $1.50
Connecting Stone© Spell For Spirits - Stronger Bonding, Faster Connection & More
(9 reviews)  

These gemstones were spellcast specifically for different entities. The energies and spells associated with the Connecting Stone will help you bond and interact with your spirit friend faster and on a higher level.

Our price: $6.25
Custom Conjuration Khulud Djinn :: Connect To The Immortals
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The Khulud Djinn has the power to grant you a greater bond with Immortals.

Our price: $6.25
Djinn Channel for Spirits, Communicate With Spirits, Gateway
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For the Djinn lovers in the world we have created a binding that is everything you could want!

Our price: $104.50
Djinn Offering For Bonding & Interaction
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You will receive an Offering Kit with their favorite herb & an amulet of their favorite color to be offered to them by you in their Charging Box, in their favorite place in your home, or anywhere you interact with them or you feel is appropriate!

Our price: $5.00
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Make A Wish :: Djinn Of Youth & Beauty
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Maybe you don't want the responsibility of keeping your own Djinn but you'd still like to have the benefits of their wish-granting powers? This listing is the perfect stop for you!

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