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Egyptian :: Anubis's Guard :: Protection

Egyptian :: Anubis's Guard :: Protection
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This is for the spell of Anubis's Guard.

This spell is meant to be cast when you want to repel or cast off any evil. It will cleanse you of any negative energy in your aura or astral body. Sometimes we unknowingly pick up the negative energies of those around us. It is also possible for others to direct curses or bad intentions towards us and we carry it without even knowing it. Remove the bad energies so you can be open to receiving rewards and blessings.

You can use the spell AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!!! If you ever feel like the effects of the spell start to wane you can recast yourself any time to recharge the spell!!!

A novice or master can recite this spell. You can use any draws you wish - candles, stones, incense, wands - whatever makes you feel comfortable as your level of comfort in casting is paramount to its success.

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