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Egyptian :: Geb's Hand :: Create Bond With Earth

Egyptian :: Geb's Hand :: Create Bond With Earth
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This is for the spell of Geb's Hand.

This spell is meant to be cast when you want to create a bond with the earth's energy. The earth emits a highly charged field of energy that can be bent and manipulated to accomplish many wonderful and great things. Those who practice with holisitic care, common cures, earth bending, or any magic where tapping into the earth's resources is necessary this is a great spell for creating that bond. It is also very helpful to those who practice yoga, pilates, karate and other physical exercises that create a bond between the physical and spiritual bodies.

You can use the spell AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!!! If you ever feel like the effects of the spell start to wane you can recast yourself any time to recharge the spell!!!

A novice or master can recite this spell. You can use any draws you wish - candles, stones, incense, wands - whatever makes you feel comfortable as your level of comfort in casting is paramount to its success.

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