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Egyptian :: Tawaret's Tickle :: Lose Weight

Egyptian :: Tawaret's Tickle :: Lose Weight
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This is for the spell of Tawaret's Tickle.

This spell is meant to be cast when you want help in weight loss. This is a spell for someone who is looking to lose pesky pounds in the range of 1-25lbs. This does not have the strength of other options such as the Sagen Faery diet and as with all health related matters you should consult your doctor before you attempt to lose weight as it may be unhealthy for you. If you are sure you want to lose a few pounds this spell helps curb appetite and strength your will so you do not feel the urge to eat as much or foods known to be bad for you.

You can use the spell AS MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!!! If you ever feel like the effects of the spell start to wane you can recast yourself any time to recharge the spell!!!

A novice or master can recite this spell. You can use any draws you wish - candles, stones, incense, wands - whatever makes you feel comfortable as your level of comfort in casting is paramount to its success.

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