Entity Spells (Dragon, Elvish and others)

Dwarfs, unicorns, fairies, dragons, angels, giants, minotaurs, phoenixes, werewolf, djinns, griffins, elves, mermaids, gnomes, vampires… The list of magic entities is uncountable, but each of them is a world-famous creature. They look different, but have one common feature: each of them possesses its specific strength. The strength of these creatures, which was known for a long time, was presented to people in the form of legends and myths. Myths have outlived themselves, however, the belief in the magical abilities of these beings lives to this day. For those, who want to join these mysteries and learn about the magical power of such entities, we have prepared this section.

Want to acquire abilities or even traits of an entity? You are in the right place. Here special magic spells and ritual bindings can be found. They will help you to learn the animals’ language to communicate with them barrier-free. Moreover, a huge variety of blessings is presented in our store, too. Not only spells are here, but also some equipment, with the help of which you can create a faster connection with entities and retire acquired energy. Make an order now.

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