Faery Keeping Box©

Faery Keeping Box©
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If you are collector of Fae, from any culture, you will want to own one or more of these boxes. Charged with a positive energy force that will make your Fae more active, more audible and visible, and more powerful. The Fae Homes are beautiful treasures themselves that Keepers use all over the world.

Fae love Keeper boxes because it gives them a sanctuary fortified with energies and enchantments they can react to. The interior of the box has been rubbed with foliage and flowers that strengthen the Fae spirit and give them a renewed sense of energy.

We offer two sizes; small & large. Because our Charging Boxes are one of the most popular items in the shop we order our boxes in large quantities from vendors all over the world. Because of this the style, shape, and material used will vary. Pictured are examples of the approximate size of a small & large box. The small boxes are approximately 1 1/2"- 2 1 /2" in diameter and between 1/2"-1" deep for each the lid and the base. The small boxes tend to be made of metal or wood, but may also be made of acrylic or have a fabric cover. The large boxes are approximately 4"-6" wide and between 2"-3" deep between lid and base. The large boxes tend to made of wood, or fabric-covered wood.

Because of the ever-changing styles and availability we have priced these as low as possible so there is no further discount beyond this low price!

It is important to remember you do not need the lid to be closed to charge a vessel.

Faery Keeping Box© is a registered copyright of Creepy Hollows.

There are no further discounts applied to this binding as it is our super savings price! Learn more about super savings & discounts in our shop.

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