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Forbidden :: A Shared Life :: Who Dwells Within?

Forbidden :: A Shared Life :: Who Dwells Within?
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The "Forbidden" line of listings are bindings exceptional in their power. They are meant for experienced Keepers/Collectors only.

This is an extremely complex binding that really drives into the core of you. You should not embark upon the journey of this binding unless you really want to know all about yourself. If you're someone who frequently feels misplaced, lost, disconnected, etc then this binding may have answers for you. If you're someone who feels completely confident and secure in who you are, this would not be a good binding for you.

The power of this binding unfolds in layers and reveals aspects of yourself to you in the timeline it knows is best for you. With this in mind know that this binding may take months or years to reveal your full profile.

In the process of reincarnation, and even original creation, there are times when the melding of spirits via energy are not completely connected and therefore you feel like multiple people, or someone on the outside looking in, or so completely out of place from where you should be. This binding identifies the spiritual energy within you, the incarnations, the connections, and they may come through past lives, ancestry, and even completely unrelated connections with virtual stranger spiritual energy that dwells within you.

There is no doubt the quite over-used proclamation "you are unique" is quite true, you are unique because there is no one else who has your unique, energy signature. However, how well-composed you are can be something separate entirely.

This is a long-term binding meant to be a support tool for you so you can discover and learn about yourself with greater understanding. In doing so you may be able to overcome some of the disconnection, be aware of the presences who dwell within you, gain a greater balance and connection, and grow into the person you are so uniquely meant to be.

This binding has a power which is unique to advanced bindings. While it is labeled "Class VI" that is a descriptive name to describe the multi-layered Class 5, tier 3 enchantments cast to achieve a binding greater for those with more experience and capable of handling more power.

You do not need to activate this item in order for it to work for you. It is an intuitive binding utilizing CH-developed para-technology that allows the contribution to your life to be dynamic (contributes when needed), and you can also work specifically & directly with the energy of this piece through meditation or quiet time, or keeping it within a foot of your bed during sleep cycle to work with it during your rest. The binding is designed to work for you at all times.

If you opt to have the binding Bridged to you then you will not need to carry the vessel with you. To learn more about the convenience and power of Bridging, please click here. If you opt for Bridging now, it is done for free by us. If you wish to configure Bridging at a later date, you can always buy a Bridging Stone which can be used with all the vessels in your collection, whether they are from CH or not.

For this binding you get to choose the vessel! If you would like to see examples of the vessels we use, please click here.

You can choose in which Arts you would like your binding. White Arts is positive energy which works without any dark influence at all. Dark Arts is dark energy which works for those who indulge the darker side, but is not Black Arts. Neutral Arts means the binding is completely neutral and can be applied through White Arts or Dark Arts, if desired.

You can read more about the rankings of Arts here.

The class rating explains the energy with which the spell or spirit will exhibit. The stronger the class rating, the more powerful the presence of the spirit or spell. The distance restrictions written in the class ratings do not apply to spirits.

Class VI
A multi-layered variation of Class 5, tier 3 given its own classification - Spirit/Spells/Magic physically and/or spiritually present. Object effects emotions, senses, motor skills, thoughts and mood of not only the owner but those around the object. The object can be used as a portal to inflict or bestow the powers contained within to others as far as a 10,000 miles away. Can move by itself and can move objects near it. Incredibly powerful and rare, is a considerable step above the class 5.
You can read about the classes here: Class Ratings

If you would like a spell, but this one isn't the right one for you, you can use this listing, click here, to request a Custom binding. A Custom binding means the spell is designed for what you need.

If you would like a Charging Box for this binding, please see our Charging Box category here
If you would like information on making your own Charging Box, read our Encyclopedia article, here

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