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Faery Keeping Charging Box

A Charging Box for your Faery to keep them happy, healthy, refreshed and energized. Enchantment lasts a lifetime, no need to recast.
Fae Offering For Bonding & Interaction
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You will receive an Offering Kit with their favorite herb & an amulet of their favorite color to be offered to them by you in their Charging Box, in their favorite place in your home, or anywhere you interact with them or you feel is appropriate!

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Faery Keeping Box©
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If you are collector of Fae, from any culture, you will want to own one or more of these boxes. Charged with a positive energy force that will make your Fae more active, more audible and visible, and more powerful. The Fae Homes are beautiful treasures themselves that Keepers use all over the world.

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Waif Faery Spirit Named Belia - Cleansing, Rejuvenating, Restorative
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This Waif Faery spirit's name is Belia.  She is 402 years with curly, brown hair, brown eyes and fair skin.  She has large, bright wings of blue, silver, and gold hues.  She is a talkative and bright friend who wants you to see the best in yourself all the time.  She offers you strength and happiness as you forge a better life for yourself.  She communicates openly in any way she can and she gives you the love of wonderment and passion.  She communicates well through visions, dreams, and telepathy.

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