Fairy Spirits

Fairies are good creatures that unnoticeably help people by interfering in the affairs of unsuspecting inhabitants of our world. They are kind by nature, sociable, close to nature. If you also want to become a little closer to the natural and finally communicate with these representatives of the magical world, then boldly use the spells of this section to evoke the spirit of any fairy you want. Spells will also help you tune in to one wave with the fairy spirit, understand it and establish a strong reliable connection with the spirit. All of them are easy to use and will not cause difficulties even for beginners in the world of magic. Also in this section of the magic store, you have the opportunity to purchase Charging Boxes to make the fairy spirit feel calm, be rested and cheerful. Magical stones charged with the power of Astral Fairy, Butterfly Fairy, Camelot Fairy, Elemental Fairy, Fire Fairy, Water Fairy and others also can be bought here. Use all the chances to touch unknown and be closer to other Realms.