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Familiar Spirits

It has long been known that practitioners, witches, warlocks, sorcerers, sages do not work alone - they are always accompanied by spirits. But what spirits? Learn it yourself with our spells! These spells will provide you with a great strong connection with the Familiar Spirits and will help you find understanding. You no longer have to spend your valuable time searching for truly effective spells, they are all collected in this section of our store. A wide range of spells is available for different spirits: for those spirits who help healers, and for spirits assistants to dark witches. Also, you can find special bindings for your home pets. Sounds weird? It is not surprising because pets have their own magic power, which helps them protect the house they live in, and also interact with the various beings from the other worlds that inhabit your home. Use these spells, and your home pet will be for you not only a cat or dog, but also a friend and a guide to the mysterious world of magic.
Creation Of Familiar Connection With Your Pet
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Familiars are the supportive companions of those who practice magick. You don't have to be a great sorcerer, or a great witch, to have a Familiar. They are friend, and guide, to their Keeper. This binding creates the Familiar bond between you, and your pet. If you have more than one pet, we recommend only doing this to one pet in the home, the pet of your choice. It creates a strong, intuitive bond between the two of you, and when you work with magick, your pet will be able to influence, and support you with that magick as well.

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Custom Conjuration Of Familiar
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A Spirit Familiar is a spirit that provides assistance, guidance, insight & companionship to someone who practices or lives within the world of magick and the paranormal. This is a custom conjuration of a Familiar for you.

Our price: $6.25