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Our freebies change every week so check often to see what exciting freebies we have to offer :)

Your order must meet the requirements in order for the freebie to be fufilled.  Freebies cannot be bought alone, they can only be awarded on a qualifying order.  See each freebie listing for all the requirements.

Unless a listing says the promotion is "stacked" then you will receive the highest level freebie that you qualify for with each type of promotion.

Flash Freebie For Order Over $10 (After Discounts) - Energy Shot Service
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This is a service performed for you, you don't have to do any work, and it gives you a powerful energy shot which lasts up to 90 days! It's an incredible way for you to give yourself an extra boost of power for any effort! You tell us the kind of energy shot you need and we will perform it just for you. Only put one request; e.g. "Energy for psychic work", or "Blue Dragon magick"

Set your own price!
The price for this product is not set. You can decide how much you want to pay.
Upgrade Freebie Vessels
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All of our freebies come on natural gemstones, but if you would like to upgrade the vessels for your freebies for your current order, you can use this listing.  Every freebie you want upgraded to a different vessel you will need to add 1 quantity of this listing and in the Notes area put exactly which freebie you want to have the upgraded vessel on this order. 

Select the vessel upgrade you wish for your freebie.

Our price: $3.00