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Here you can find both haunted dolls and living dead dolls.

The first type of dolls is haunted by spirits or spellcast with a variety of enchantments. They are ready to work with, without going through long-time and complicated rituals or ceremonies. The dolls are just the vessel, you can contact the spirits inside of them. The information about the spirits is attached to the descriptions. Each doll is unique, as well as the spirit inside.

The living dead dolls can be used to build a collection or to bind a spirit or a spell. These dolls are creepy and splendid. Pay attention to the appearance of our dolls. Most of the dolls feature realistic glass-look eyes. Some of them (as the star-crossed pair of Beauty and the Beast) have exquisitely crafted clothing. Each of the Emerald City’s dwellers and travels are dressed in new emerald outfits. And the Halloween dolls from series 32 have special vintage style costumes.

Also, we have several dolls of film monsters such as Beetlejuice that will intensify your dreams and Frankenstein where the detailing is incredible.

Besides, here you can find Mahulda – the most haunted doll in the world. Don’t hurry up to buy it. You should be ready for the changes in life that this doll involves and you’ll be required to sign a waiver before Mahulda will be passed to you.

Mystery Box of Goodies - Includes 1 Haunted Doll, 1 Binding Bag & Extra Goodies!
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You will receive a mystery package with goodies inside.  Perfect for those who love the Living Dead Doll series!  Your doll will come with your choice of spirit binding and your tote bag will come with your choice of Binding Bag.  You will also receive additional goodies in your box!  There are only 4 of these available so act quickly!

Your doll & everything inside will be in mint condition.

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The Most Haunted Doll In The World
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Meet Mahulda. This pint-sized doll packs in creepy energy so intense you will question everything you've ever known. She is singularly the most haunted doll on Earth and anyone who comes into contact with her knows why.

Will you sleep tonight?

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