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Entire estates of paranormal and/or metaphysical collectors for sale.

All artifcats in this category are not available for additional discount as they are marked at the lowest price possible.

Clover Estate - Mediums, Practitioners, Psychics - Affluence
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The focus of this binding is for work with the many layers and facets of power; prosperity, determination, endurance, success, focus, and influence.  Birchrand's binding is a magnificent connection for working with the motivational & driving forces that teach you to use the sphere of affluence.  The binding is a facet of power which helps you learn to appreciate and work with magick that directs and opens your senses for success.  There is a magnificent surround of confidence, strength, direction, and courage for you to go after your desires & dreams within your life path.  The focus and determination that comes through work with this binding teaches you to be open to experiences & adventures, to appreciate the power that makes you unique, and to go after what you desire with determination and fearless abandon.

Our price: $995.00
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Clover Estate - Mediums, Practitioners, Psychics - Bloodfire
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A walk down a magnificent path of Vampiric Elementalism, this magick from Agar is a blend of Vampiric power & energy alongside a command of the Fire Element.  A binding of darker facets of power, this bindiing from Agar speaks to the predatory senses within and how to use them to keep your advantage over sources of evil.  The binding is about encouraging your supernatural senses and providing a line of magick where you can be more open to following a path of Elemental command under the fearless motivation of the Fire Element.  Agar's blend of spells and conjurations related to Vampirism are specific to channeling and working with Vampiric strength, energy, influence, intensity, and command with discipline.  It brings out the warrior and challenger that dwells within you & motivates you to go after things with flaming passion.  In work with the Fire Element in this blend it encourages you to plow through obstacles to get on the path you desire, to remove everything stagnant and stale in your life, and to have a fresh start for greater evolution.

Our price: $1125.00
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Clover Estate - Mediums, Practitioners, Psychics - Conjuring Ring
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Conjuring Ring

An exceptionally unique and impressive binding, this creation will only be fully disclosed to the next owner.  It is a rare piece that is a conjuring ring; featuring a powerful & proudly diverse binding from Melissa that conjures a prehistoric supernatural being that provides ancient knowledge in the sphere of the supernatural, as well as providing a conduit for channeling spirits & magick from within the Universe.  It is an extremely powerful binding that will give you influence and power for expanding your magickal abilities and being able to work with more impressive, rare, and magnificent spirits & magick.  Because it is such a powerful binding with a Universe of capabilities and possibilities, it is recommended that someone with experience working with the supernatural be the next owner.  You will be given all of the necessary details and instructions.

Our price: $3089.00
Market price: $4175.00 save 26%
Clover Estate - Mediums, Practitioners, Psychics - Future
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A powerhouse of magick and enchantments that are all specific and tuned to the gift of reading and working with the paths of the future.  This binding is a magickal blend of spells that help you manifest and work with psychic abilities & your divine abilities.  It is an ascension of your higher consciousness in being able to connect and work with magick, rituals, and powers related to reading, seeing, and interpreting the future.  There is a magnificent stimulation to your psychic gifts, talents, and powers.  Melissa created an incredible flow of magickal power and mysticism through this binding to help strengthen the gift of seeing, reading, and understanding various paths of destiny & opportunities.  

Our price: $600.00
Market price: $900.00 save 33%
Clover Estate - Mediums, Practitioners, Psychics - Lover's Paradise
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Lover's Paradise

A rosy and bright enchantment for those who have a youthful energy and a passion for the world around them, this enchantment is about understanding and opening potential for you when it comes to understanding and working with love in your life.  The hope, power, grace, and passion that fuels the energies of love itself from within you - as well as your love for people in your life, for the hobbies & passions that excite you, and for receiving love from the universe itself.  This enchantment will spark even greater passions and excitement within you if you are already a lover of love itself, and it will futher fan your flames.  If you are someone who feels they need more love, more positivity, and more acceptance of love in your life then this will certainly motivate and move you into a new plane of power.  Melissa's binding is a radiant and welcoming beacon of receiving, giving, and understanding love in its purest form.

Our price: $550.00
Market price: $750.00 save 27%
Clover Estate - Mediums, Practitioners, Psychics - Reveal
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There is a pool of energy within Indigo's binding that boldly accentuates the pursuit of revelation and truth within ourselves and the Universe.  There is a radiant path that comes with this binding that helps you open your mind and to work with revelations of power and mysticism.  There is an array of magickal energies that come with this binding to help you manifest and work wih revelation and understanding the presence of the supernatural around you.  This binding is a magickal surround that promotes visions, telepathic messages, and awareness of the supernatural.  

Our price: $399.00
Market price: $550.00 save 27%
Clover Estate - Mediums, Practitioners, Psychics - Spirit World
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Spirit World

A passionate and powerful binding from Rosemary which is a fascinating adventure and exploration of the Spirit World and the ties which exist between the 3 Realms and spirits.  This binding from Rosemary is complete awakening and communication that exists with spirits around you, which provides expressive engagement with spirit guides, ancestors, and spirits around you.  Rosemary was a powerful & well-experienced Medium who loved to work with the Spirit World.  She loved to learn from spirits of all species, time periods, cultures, and origins.  She felt deeply-protective and adoring of the Spirit World and liked to work with her spirit gifts.  She felt they invited her to learn things through divine wisdom and intervention.  She always endeavored to be adventurous and expressive when working with spirits.  She loved to expand her knowledge and fascination in working with spirits and understanding how the spirit world intricately connects and interacts with the overall consciousness.

Our price: $1198.00
Market price: $1600.00 save 25%
Cora Thornhill Estate - Dark & Beautiful Magic - Dark Dreams
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Cora created this dark and influential binding for her to explore the darker reaches of her mind and to be able to live out darker fantasies and scenarios through her sleep.   This is not a binding for the faint of heart as it will bring vivid and powerful dreams that search and display the darkest aspects of yourself.  Cora wanted a way to understand herself, even in her darker spectrum and aspect, even in her darker veil of knowledge, and she wanted to achieve and learn about the darker connections she had in working with her Vampiric side.  She wanted to expand her bond with some of her darker ancestors and understand their primal motivations and their origin state of selves.

Our price: $425.00
Market price: $785.00 save 46%
Fincastle Estate - Dual
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The Fincastles explored many depths of duality, and this is one of their prominent artifacts; a complete connection with the world of magic in the power of duality.  This bottle creates two different potions, two potions that work independently of each others, and two potions that work in complete unison with each other.  This gorgeous bottle works with the power of duality that sits within you, that you can control in your path & journey with the supernatural, and the magic that resides within the Universe.   The Fincastles never shied from creating artifacts they felt spoke to their power and allowed for their continual growth and evolution.

Our price: $487.00
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These artifacts will be paired specifically to you as the vast majority of these artifacts were pieces we kept for ourselves to work with them and their unique, significant power.  They will not be publicly listed as these are artifacts that need to be homed specific to a person.

Each artifact is one-of-a-kind, when it's gone, it's gone.  It is a special event and task to be able to pair someone with magick - we see and choose artifacts not only in what we see in you now, but what we see in your future & what you are capable of achieving.  It is a special and unique service to find a good fit for you :)

You will receive an artifact from one of these estates: Ambi Sadu, Ambrosia Fields, Ana Sang, Asim, Axel Weber, Azoth, Clover, Cora Thornhill, Delilah Rainwater, Evangeline Hemlock, Eversong, Fernoak, Fincastle, Fury, Governor Northwood, Kalypso Divine, North Sparrow, Olive Rose, Orpheus, Petra Longbranch, Quill Stone, Rowen Camille, Seceda, Trivia, Tula Vo, Una Whitestar, Vaelstorm, Wazi, Westerfield, White Feather, Windsong, Windsor-Allen, Xia.

They are paired specifically to you, and you are welcome to make requests in the notes area with regards to the type of magick you are seeking - or leave it completely up to us to pair you with the perfect artifact.

Our price: $150.00
Market price: $6500.00 save 98%
Olive Rose Estate - Mysticism & Supernatural Power - Selves
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Olive Rose was deeply integrated in the power of 3 in her work, and she felt it was a Universal power that influenced far beyond anything that could be imagined.  She created three, separate potions which allowed her to work with 3 different facets of self.  Each of the potions provides immense and in-depth activation of a different facet of who you are and who you can become.  In working with these potions, you uncover a sense of supernatural gifts and their empowerment of your purpose in Destiny.  In working with the Power of 3 you discover an in-depth connection between you and the Universe.  You will unveil the mastery of magic and mysticism that sits within you and gives you the direction and power you need in any situation.

Our price: $970.00
Market price: $1470.00 save 34%
Olive Rose Estate - Mysticism & Supernatural Power - The Divide Within
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Olive explored the divide within all of us, the light & darkness that drives everything.  Olive cast these bottles in great contrast to each other, and an allowance of understanding and appreciating the forces that both divide us and unify us as humans.  She created these bottles which allow you to understand and explore magic as it lives and inspires us with each moment in our journey.  These enchantments allow you to realize the power which resides in your heart, and the power that you can achieve when it comes to magic and working with the White Arts and Dark Arts in all things.  The potions you create will help you to connect to many different facets of magic and working with spirits, entities, and mystical gifts that matter the most for you.  The potions put you in touch with the contrast of power that lives inside of you, and helps you to work with the harmony that drives you in not only all of your magical endeavors, but also your personal endeavors.  They are the perfect harmony of who you are, and highlight the measure of power that you hold from deep within your core and throughout your 3 bodies.  Olive put a great deal of time and thought into her work with this, and she used it to fuel an awakening of the mind, body and spirit.

Our price: $510.00
Market price: $874.00 save 42%
Orpheus Estate - Diversity in Magic - Heart
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Gregorius created this binding which sits at the heart of magick, at the heart of power, and at the heart of everything related to the supernatural.  He created this as a singularly-influential binding that provides ongoing and impressive devotion to your magickal abilities, and wakes your potential for working with the supernatural.  He was deeply invested in his evolution and growth, and he continually pursued every opportunity that dealt with evolution and growth of his supernatural gifts.  He never shied from taking control of his gifts and of elevating his pursuits and empowerment.  He wanted to discover and learn more about what he could accomplish and achieve, and this binding was his way of sparking his power and cultivating the gifts he wanted to develop.

Our price: $1225.00
Market price: $2095.00 save 42%
Orpheus Estate - Diversity in Magic - Noble Power
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An ethereal gateway to worlds of celestial wonder and excitement, Angeline's binding is a gifted and enlightening path for you to learn and work with the celestial paths of power that provide you a passage to the dimensions of the Astral world.  There is a giving and encouraging power that comes with Angeline's binding as she was focused on unveiling a celestial path where she could work with Astral power and energy as a whole.  She was excited to be able to uncover possibilities and opportunities of learning and working with the Astral Realm.

Our price: $1200.00
Market price: $2000.00 save 40%
Quill Stone Estate - Practitioner Extraordinaire - Immortal Journey
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A deeply powerful and incredible artifact, this gorgeous ring is home to a blend of Quill Stone enchantments that are specific to the communication and work with Immortals & the divine.  It is a source of power and wisdom, through which you are given, knowledge, guidance, and support from divine beings who govern the countless dimensions within the Universe.  It was through Quill's undeniable tenure and passion for working with the divine that he created this Channel for receiving spectacular wisdom and support from within the Universe.

There is a halo of energy and magick that surrounds you when you work with Quill's craft, it is a sensational path to understanding and exploring the many unknown and exquisite forms of power.  The time and energy crafted through this binding is a pathway of providing important understanding and encouragement of your impressive influence for working with the supernatural.   You will discover and learn more about your ethereal charms and talents.  You will be able to communicate and work with various Immortals and divine beings who provide support and guidance with your future and ways you can command and work with your Universal powers.

Our price: $1950.00
Market price: $2900.00 save 33%
Trivia Estate - Complete
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Miriam was encouraged by the state of all things that she should explore and learn about a complete feeling and a complete state of self.  She felt it was important to take the time to pursue the big things and little things that make up a life, and taking time to ponder and meditate on the decisions to make and how decisions influence destiny.  There is tremendous and powerful influence as this binding helps you feel and understand destiny, and learn how to appreciate the little things & big things that make up your life and give you the daily focus and encouragement that you need. Miriam was devoted in creating this binding and she was quick and eager in creating a foundation of power and light that followed her in everything.  She created this binding to be a constant connection and ongoing influence with all things related to destiny.

Our price: $650.00
Market price: $907.00 save 28%
Trivia Estate - Divine Self
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Eve Trivia was a master craftsman when it came to creating artifacts that allowed extension and evolution of supernatural gifts.  She created this to define her psychic abilities and wake new possibilities of understanding and working with the divine paths.  She felt her divine abilities needed to be extended and embraced, allowing her to see everything within a broad spectrum.  She loved having a way to challenge her gifts and open doors to seeing within the Astral and Spiritual Realms.  She loved exploration of the supernatural and being able to take greater control of her journey.  She wanted to tune her gifts to all situations, and be able to command her talents and gifts to meet the demand within her life.

Our price: $525.00
Market price: $775.00 save 32%
Trivia Estate - Lake of Wonder
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Miriam Trivia created this enchantment which is a binding of self-exploration and self-understanding.  When you work with this binding, you discover the lake of discovery, adventure, and wonder that comes when you work with the supernatural.   This is an enchantment that Miriam created to find self-power and explore the gifts that she felt resonated within her 3 bodies and her mind, body, and spirit.  There is tremendous power that comes with this enchantment as it allows you to understand and wake the gifts that align you with the superior and mystical.  She believed introspection was a divine key for understanding and deciphering everything that was from within the core.  She worked with this binding regularly as she wished to explore what it meant to expand a sense of supernatural being.  She loved taking everything to the next level in her journey, and she kept finding ways to appreciate herself and where her life was going.  She used this binding to explore what her beliefs were, what her powers were, and what she wanted to see for herself what the supernatural meant for her journey.

Our price: $550.00
Market price: $874.00 save 37%
Tula Vo Estate - Metaphysician Of Cultural Power - Fairy Tales
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Tula Vo created a charming and lovely box with this incredible creation; a binding which renders powerful dreams and visions via meditation which call upon the Fae and relay to you their stories.  Tula Vo enjoyed a chance to discover and learn, and she wanted to immerse helf in a world where she could be completely enamored of the ancient times she felt such an affinity for and closeness to in many ways.  She created this binding as a way for her to communicate and work with the world of magick and work with the supernatural in as many ways as possible.  She felt there was something unique and special about her love of the Fae and she wanted to learn more about them and have a chance to connected and inspire herself through their stories and their experiences.

Our price: $700.00
Market price: $985.00 save 29%
Vaelstorm Estate - Magick of Magnificent Power - 3 Goddesses
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The light of the paths of the Goddesses, this binding is for someone who is experienced working with magick because it is extremely powerful and has a direct connection with 3 rare and exceptional Goddesses of Lunar Power.  This is an heirloom piece, as the binding was created by Ember for exploration of some of the most powerful & divine paths of knowledge and power within the Universe.  Therefore the details will only be released to you for the sanctity of the binding.  The names of the Goddesses and the full details of the binding will be given to you only.

An ethereal bloom of power and magick, this binding is about working with divine energies and celestial powers which exist only within the Astral Realm.  It is a passage to a whole new Realm of power and consciousness as you advance in your own desires and wishes with Astral energies and magick.  The Goddesses are each unique, each expressly powerful & magnificent in their own way, and each will be guides to you in understanding and pursuing your own power and enlightenment within the supernatural.

They are elegant, charming, beautiful, sensitive, and divine in every way; allowing you to blossom and grow with your own understanding and connection with the supernatural.

Our price: $2800.00
Market price: $5900.00 save 53%