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Entire estates of paranormal and/or metaphysical collectors for sale.
Olive Rose Estate - Mysticism & Supernatural Power - The Untold
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Olive dabbled in many different types of magic, and this potion bottle creates a potion that reveals untold information to you as related to various paths of the supernatural.  This potion is an awakening of your spiritual mind and your supernatural abilities.  There is something akin to a quiet hurricane that starts when you work with this potion, and it brings revelations of intrisinc knowledge you would never know, or discover, on your own.  Olive wanted to reach into the depths of the superntaural and information that she never knew before, and she wanted to overcome blockages and hurdles that she encountered in her journey that she never considered before.  This potion is very powerful in terms of the knowledge which is imparted to you, and in working with the potion you will leap the blockages that have kept you from success in the past.  The wisdom you receive will become part of your journey and it will help you reach new milestones within your magical life.

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Petra Longbranch Estate - Aphrodite's Lust
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Petra worked with many paths of magic, and she became intrigued with some of the ancient Grecian rituals and rites of magic that dealt with Aphrodite's powers of charm, lust, and love.  She explored the magic that brought confidence and an ability to command a romantic aura of power around herself and to others.  She engaged in many different forms of Grecian magic, but found that many of the spells and rituals surrounding the goddess Aphrodite lent the most favorable results.

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Petra Longbranch Estate - Road of Souls
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Petra did not often work with darker sides of magic, but this is definitely categorized on the darker plane of the DA spectrum.  This binding is about connecting and communicating with the Spiritual Realm Reapers that ancient people viewed as the guardians of souls.  They are the beings who guide the living and dead between the Realms, and assist with direction and protection within the Realms.

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Trivia Estate - Draconis
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This is one of two statues, identical in appearance, but not identical in binding.  This Draconis binding is a well-used artifact that was created by Octavius Trivia; a leader for decades within their community.  This Draconis binding is intended for those who have experience working with powerful forms of ancient magic.

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Trivia Estate - The Looking Glass
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Miriam Trivia cast this bejeweled mirror with a spell that allows you to look at past, present, and future.  The mirror is a glimpse into your inner self, your past, your present, your future, your heart, your desires, and your gifts of magical & supernatural ability.  The mirror holds powerful sway over the reveal of time, and the depths of self, opening the door to the sacred and mystical.  This is not intended for someone who does not have experience working with the supernatural, the mirror is a channel into other worlds, dimensions, and facets of magic.  Miriam took very careful notice of all the magic she adored, and created a psychic and divine force of power that opened her senses, and allowed her to materialize tremendous facets of energy for divine and psychic gifts.

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Tula Vo Estate - Metaphysician Of Cultural Power - Dark Mystery
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Tula Vo created this potion bottle which creates a potion which allows you to work with the dark power and mystery that settles within your core.  She wanted to explore her mystical self and she wanted to learn more about what magic meant for ethereal bonds and connections.  She dipped her toes in learning about the darker mysteries of the world, and she was always ready to find expansion of consciousness and mystic charms.

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Tula Vo Estate - Metaphysician Of Cultural Power - Gilded Magic
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Tula Vo created this bejeweled vessel for working with ancient paths of magic that were rooted in the eternal and immortal veins of the supernatural in the earliest and gilded years of magic's presence on Earth.  This is a very powerful vessel and the binding should only be considered if you are used to working with magic.  There is incredible inspiration and power that comes for working with the supernatural, and it will push your magic mojo to a new level.  Tula Vo created this because she wanted to work with an era of magic that has not since been recovered, a time when magic was part of anything and everything.  Tula Vo created this vessel to reconnect her inner divinity and her inner spirit.  She created magic with this binding and she created a connection with the magical world that fed her mind, body, and spirit.  She captured inspiration and light for moving into every facet of ancient magic.

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Tula Vo Estate - Metaphysician Of Cultural Power - Signs
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Tula Vo created this potion bottle which is not for beginners.  This is for those who want to receive the guidance of the Universe, and learn to use their psychic abilities and powers to see the details of true power that exist within the 3 Realms.  There is an amazing connection which connects with the metaphysical and creates a bridge between your consciousness and enlightened mind.  Tula Vo was devoted to learning more about magic and expanding her divine consciousness.  She was fearless in her pursuits of connecting back to the origin consciousness and seeing the signs of the immortal and divine from throughout the ages. 

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Tula Vo Estate - Metaphysician Of Cultural Power - Third Eye Lust
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Tula Vo explored the power and passion of the Third Eye, and she loved using Third Eye abilities to explore the passions and lusts that motivate and keep true the inner sanctum of true self.  There is a fascinating connection which is explored through this potion that brings visions, dreams, revelations, and telepathic connections with the Third Eye.  Tula Vo crafted this potion to be a way to feel and explore the Third Eye from simple recognition all the way to complete control.  Through work with the potion, it brings incredible opportunities for you to understand and explore the magic that exists within the Third Eye.  This potion is an exploration of power, and understanding the connection with lust; what the heart wants, the mind, the soul, and Destiny.  Tula Vo created a potion that speaks volumes to your Third Eye and ways you can make the most of knowing what rests at the center of all you want to know.

Our price: $240.00
Market price: $545.00 save 56%
Tula Vo Estate - Metaphysician Of Cultural Power - Traveler
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Tula Vo created this incredible vessel which allows you to work with traveling in the Astral & Spiritual Realms.  This should only be considered if you have had experience working with magic, because this is very intense and working with its magic is inspiring.  If you want to be a traveler, Tula Vo's vessel is an empowerment that offers you ability to move forward with your gifts and travel through the Astral and Spiritual Realms.  This is a powerful tool which will move you forward and help you see potential in your talents.  Working with this vessel is going to open doors for you to move forward in your journey for exploring and learning more about magic, spirits, entities, and mysticism.

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