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How to Order


All pricing you see on the shop is our base pricing; this is the price without any discounts. In order to see sale discounts, membership discounts, or coupon discounts you have to add an item to your cart. You can see a detailed break down about How Pricing Works if you'd like more information.

There are listings in the shop that do not qualify for any further discounts. This is because they are already priced as low as possible. Any listing that does not have any further discount does have a line at the bottom of the listing that has a "Super Savings" icon or states "There are no further discounts".

There are also specific categories that do not have any further discounts because they are offered by affiliate companies or they are already priced at a discount: Altar Statues, Supplies, Decorations, Aromatheraphy, Soaps, Body Magick,Clearance, Limited Time Only, Magic Jewelry, Third Party Affiliates, Witchcraft, Pagan, New Age, Wiccan, Occult, Spiritual Supplies & Tools.


If you see a sale logo at the top of the shop homepage then you know there is a site-wide sale going on. If you add an item to your cart you will see the sale discount. On top of sales we also have Customer Loyalty discounts. We know how to spoil our collectors and we have an extensive Customer Loyalty Program. We provide ongoing, permanent discounts to repeat customers that can range between 20%-55% off. You can read detailed information about our Membership Discount Program which is free to all members (Eterna is the only paid membership).

If you sign up for our Daily Emails or our Text Alerts you will get additional offers, exclusive coupons, and more.

Abandoned Cart Coupon Codes

Our automated, abandoned cart system will generate an email & coupon code for you, but that code will become ineffective if one of the following happens:

- You empty the cart you had that generated the coupon

- You delete or change the cart

- You try to use the coupon on an order and it fails or you do not finish checkout

These codes cannot be retrieved or replaced once they are lost, and we recommend signing up for the newsletter to receive weekly coupon codes regularly.


As you search the listings in our shop you will see some listings with a specific vessel pictured and that is the exact vessel you will receive. Most of the listings will have a representative picture of the type of spirit or spell described then you will choose the type of vessel you wish for the binding. We offer an expansive selection of vessels, you can see our Vessel Selection & Examples for detailed information. The majority of the bindings are done this way because we have found over the last decade most collectors & Keepers want to choose their own vessel for their binding.

Spell Requests

If you request something which is impossible we will custom-design a spell for you which is the closest match to what you requested.

Unbinding Requests

If you change your mind and you would like any binding performed on your behalf to be undone, please contact us.  You will need to provide a list of the order number & title of the binding that needs to be undone for each binding.  For clarity and accuracy purposes we have to have the list provided by you of what work you want undone for you.  The list helps you to make sure that you know exactly what is being undone and we do not undo something that you wanted to keep.

What happens if I have an order problem?

If you have any issues with an order we will help you immediately. Contact us at support@creepyhollows.com. We will rectify any issue immediately!

If you have any issue with free gifts you need to write in within 30 days of receiving the order (when it's delivered). We love to give out free stuff, but after 30 days if you haven't written to us, the freebie is forfeit. This is only because man hours are precious here as we are a small operation.

Modification of Orders

If you need to modify an order as in taking something off an order or adding notes to an order we can do that for you, contact us at support@creephollows.com. If you have an even exchange to make, or a change related to Bridging, or Binding Arts, we can make those changes for you.  If you wish to cancel items on the order, the entire order will be cancelled and can be replaced via the issued Gift Certificate for your order.  Coupons & other discount offers cannot be applied to orders once they have been placed; this includes Layaway orders.

Shipping Time

You can always check the latest update for shipping time on our Shipping Policies page. We strive to have orders out within 7-10 days with the only exceptions being customized bindings or Third Party offers.


You have two options for your packaging. We offer a completely private option which is "Electronic"; vessels are shipped without paperwork. Or you can opt to have all paperwork printed and shipped with your package. You can opt for either of these in your profile. To see your profile log into your shop account and then click on the "My Account" link on the right-hand side of the screen.

Overview of Electronic Shipping

We are a green company who also values your privacy. All of your bindings come to you in discreet packaging. No matter who may open your package they will not know the contents inside are metaphysical-related.

Depending on the size of your order your package will either be a simple, bubble mailer or a cardboard box like these:

mailer box

All of your bindings will be inside either a plain, white bag or a plain, black bag like these:


You will find each of your bindings individually bagged with a number. They will look something like this:

individual packaging

We itemize your bindings in the customer notes section of your order. Log into your shop account, click on "My Account" on the upper, right-hand side of the screen, then find your order in the "Order History" tab. At the bottom of the order is the customer notes area. There you will find a detailed log of your bindings. It will look something like this:


If a binding requires instructions you will see a download link for the instructions inside of your order invoice that is emailed to you at the time you place you order. 

If you have a spirit then you will see the detailed spirit notes for your custom conjuration. If you have a prebound spirit you will receive an electronic copy of their information inside of your order invoice that is emailed to you at the time you place your order.

Overview of Paper Shipping

If you are someone who likes paper print outs with your order you can update your profile by simply logging into the shop, clicking on "My Account" and you will see the drop-down menu called "Opt-In for Paper Printouts". You select "Yes" in this drop-down menu to receive paperwork with your bindings. The paperwork you receive will be printed on our company letterhead that looks like this:


We like to keep our collectors & Spirit Keepers as well-informed as possible at all times. We make sure you have all the information you need before your package even arrives.

What if I Need Help or Have Questions?

If you ever have any questions at all we have a responsive Helpdesk. All Creepy Crew staff members respond to customer questions within 24-48 hours (except on weekends).