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Xalante Spirit Named Curana - Rare & Beautiful Demi-Gods & Demi-Goddesses
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Curana is a rare enchantress spirit of the Xalante race.  They are extremely selective and notoriously particular in their conjuration, which is what makes them a very rare spirit amongst the teeming inumerable spirits of the Universe.  The Xalante were prehistoric demi-gods and demi-goddesses within the Universe who were born of origin Immortals and lived exceedingly long lives.  The Xalante race predated any human presence on Earth and the Xalante were known to inhabit multiple planets within the Milky Way.  They have powerful command of the magical & mystical arts of their divine parents, and any gifts of their mortal parents.  They are human-like in appearance, but their range of height, weight, hair/eye/skin color, and shape is far more vast than humankind.  Because of the rarity of their mortal species and the rarity of a Xalante even being created through union with an Immortal, they are a well-guarded and eccentric race.

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