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Layaway Program & Payments

Creepy Hollows offers the best layaway program for members who want to have plenty of time to pay off their treasures! How does layaway work?

You can place a layaway with anything in the shop unless it says expressly otherwise in the listing. When you place a layaway you have 4 months to pay it off. In order to make things more efficient for everyone we have a new policy.

After you have placed your layaway you will see a link appear in the customer notes of your order in your order history. Cut & paste this URL link address into your browser to be taken to the listing where you can make your payments. This listing is private and only accessible to you via the link provided in the customer notes section of your layaway order. To access this link you will log into your account in the shop, click on your order history, and open your layaway order. At the bottom of the order you will see the customer notes area which will contain the link to your private listing as well as the updated balance information.

When you open your private listing you will see no price has been set. This means you can set the price you wish to pay. You can use this listing to make layaway payments as often as you want as it has unlimited quantity. Add it to your cart as you would any item and put in the amount of money you want to put towards your layaway. There are no cash refunds for layaways as this service is offered as a courtesy. You can make as many payments as you want, of any amount, on your layaway between now and the four month mark. This listing allows you the option to pay by credit card or Paypal.

Every time you make a payment an order invoice will be generated so both you and CH can keep track of payments made to your order :)

You can pay for your treasures over a period up to 4 months from the date of the Layaway agreement, all items are shipped when the Layaway is paid in full. By selecting the option of Layaway in the store checkout you are entering a purchase contract. You must put 20% of the total amount down immediately and can make payment on your account through Paypal or Credit Card over any period of time up to 4 months.

If decided to abandon the layaway, you forfeit the first $25 of any down-payment, which means if your down-payment is $10 you will have no GC credit, or if your down-payment was $100 your GC credit would be $75. Any additional monies paid on Layaway account will become store credit that can be used on any other vessels or services. Paid layaway orders are shipped after all immediately placed orders of the same week. For example, if you place your layaway in December and pay if off February 10th then your layaway order will ship after all orders placed & paid immediately in the week of February 10th. Layaway payments do not qualify for free gifts. The free gifts you receive will be part of the original order you are making the layaway payoff you are making.

If you ask for an extension you need to make a good faith payment within 30 days of cancellation and have the layaway completely paid off within 2 months. Meaning, by the 5th month make some good faith payment, and if it's not paid off within 6 months it's cancelled.

Regarding layaway modification: We can remove a few items from your layaway if needed. If you have an open layaway and you wish to cancel items on the order that total more than 15% of the total order we will cancel the entire layaway and return any monies to you in gift certificate form.

One month before your layaway expires you will see the status change to "Expiring Soon". This is your warning that your layaway is about to be cancelled. Once a layaway has been cancelled it cannot be reinstated.

You may not have more than 5 cancelled layaways in a calendar year. If you do you may be permanently banned from being able to participate in the layaway program.

***You may not have more than 10 open layaways at any given time! If you place more than 10 we reserve the right to cancel the subsequent layaways and put the balance towards open orders. This policy helps eliminate impulse purchases & other collectors missing out on something when a those who place many layaways start canceling & opening new orders.

Please contact us if you have questions.

For more information regarding layaways, please see our Terms & Conditions page