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Limited Time Only

The items in this section are available for a limited time only. They are the specific services, rituals, bindings and the magic objects that can help you to get very powerful additions to your life and to change it in a lot of ways. The items are unique, you won’t be able to get the same in other stores, and such offers at our webstore are very rare too.

The list of our items includes:
- a powerful and very rare book of secrets;
- a ritually-bound pendulum with the gemstone that is chosen specifically for you from the perspective of your present and future energy;
- unique individual bindings that are selected depending on your needs that our practitioners see during the specific rituals. They may be connected with your past lives or your future instead, with not realized power and abilities that you really have;
- a binding that will help you to realize your full potential at the present time or in the future;
- other complex services to change your life.

Note that even if you don’t know exactly what you really need and what you should get – our practitioners will discover and give you the necessary. We guarantee that your life will improve, your supernatural and paranormal powers will evolve, you will feel a full range of enhancement and power.

There are no further discounts beyond the price, and the offers are time limited, so don’t put off, make your choice and order what you need (even if you don’t know exactly what). We’ll help you.

Limited Time Only Until May 15th - Round Robin - Many Participating Practitioners
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From this listing you will be receiving a vessel with bindings from multiple practitioners. We have more than 22 participating practitioners and based on each person's unique energy signature your vessel is going to be passed amongst the practitioners who feel they can best provide you something special. Each person will have at least 5 practitioners work on their vessel.

Our price: $115.00
Market price: $2200.00 save 95%
Limited Time Only Until May 1st - The Rites Of Magick In Your World
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There are twelve practitioners involved in this offering and each binding is customized to each person. This is a tool created specifically for your path in magick. You will receive the following responses from the practitioners involved:

Our price: $1000.00
Market price: $1675.00 save 40%
Limited Time Only Until May 20th - Ethereu - The Light Of Change From The Universe
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For those who've been waiting to experience something truly breath-taking. The ritual is performed on your behalf and how quickly the results come to fruition have ranged; we cannot tell you exactly when it will happen because each person's experience is unique. Once the ritual is completed you will then have a series of nights where you are visited by a bright aura around you. The aura is a cocoon of Universal energy that will surround you and activate within you everything that is ethereal, supernatural, and will link the bridge between everything human and non-human within you. It can be considered a rite of passage for those who have always felt more than what they are, those who work actively to develop their supernatural abilities, and those who want to be greater than what's expected.

Our price: $500.00
Market price: $6500.00 save 92%
Limited Time Only Until May 5th - Coven Created Binding Of Magick, Spirituality, Protection, Power
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This is available for a limited time only and only 5 available! You will have a coven-cast binding which is created for you. This starts in early May and ends in mid-to-late May. This is a very powerful ritual binding which involves 11 practitioners. It is a ritual binding where you are specifically named and the binding which results from the ritual is then personalized to you. The spells cast during the ritual are: Ancient Spell of Magickal Foresight, Knowledge of the Sacred Witches, Magickal Glory from Within, Elvish Shield of Protection Against All Evil, Power of Spiritual Influence, Grace of Your Gifts & Power, and 5 bindings which will only be released to those who receive for privacy of the practitioners.

Our price: $481.25
Market price: $650.00 save 26%