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Master Service :: Psychic Energy Power, 2 Services

Master Service :: Psychic Energy Power, 2 Services
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A service provided that brings you an array of psychic powers. It strengthens any natural psychic powers you may have been born with, strongly increase the powers of your spelled vessels for psychic powers, and bring the needed energies to create psychic powers.

This helps in opening your third eye, psychic visions, intuitive thoughts, divine thoughts, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychometry, astrology, hydromancy, oneiromancy, enoptromancy, and more!

This is a permanent enhancement to your psychic powers and abilities. If you already possess any of the aforementioned psychic abilities or any power of divination this will increase your abilities and hone your skills with more focus & results.

This is done at a pre-set time and date(s) will be entered into your order notes and sent to you on a Master Services card in your package.

This listing is for two services which allows for a greater increase. Because of the power of this service the services will be separated by 2 weeks time.

Each increase of class means a stronger energy which the service is completed with. It is recommended you begin with Class 5 if you have not had any other Master Services performed, and preferably at least 4 services at Class 5 before moving into a tier 2 or tier 3.

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