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Magic amulets, bejeweled enchantments, spelled jewelry and magic talismans

We offer the largest selection of magical jewelry, magic amulets, magic talismans, spelled jewelry and hand-crafted magic amulets that hold spirits and sells.  Our magic jewelry is cast with spells and enchantments or may feature a binding of a spirit or entity.  We also offer ritually bound amulets with a selection from thousands of spells.  Each of our magic amulets provides you the power and support you need to evolve in your supernatural journeyAll of the handmade magic amulets from Ash are made from copper, brass or sterling silver in his workshop and are infused with spells from their very inception & creation.

Our magick jewelry and magic amulets are hand-selected for their elegance, quality and powerful relationship to the magic they hold within.  If you want a real magic amulet that will give you the power and influence you need in your paranormal journey our magic jewelry is second-to-none.  We offer thousands of spells to choose from for every purpose possible from magic amulets for wealth, good luck, love, sex, protection, banishment, success, victory, revenge, wisdom, psychic power, third eye power and more.

See for yourself why the magic amulets from Creepy Hollows are outstanding beyond any other.

All bindings in this category are not available for additional discount as they are marked at the lowest price possible.

Virtute Passionis Veritatem - Spell Binding Of The Power Of 10 Practitioners
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The details of this binding will ONLY be released to the next owner. It contains bindings from 10 practitioners who are our colleagues and friends. It is a binding of exceptional power and strength. It is a rarity and something created by masters of their trades. The binding is a personal voyage and the person meant for this binding will know it. Only they will receive the full description of the rare, paranormal bindings placed upon it over the last 3 years.

Our price: $95.00
Market price: $1250.00 save 92%
Walking Multiple Dimensions & Reaching Enlightenment
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From us: Multiple dimensions exist within each Realm. These dimensions hold many surprises, possibilities, opportunities for learning, and can open your eyes to the many paths and avenues the dimensions within the Realms possess. You are going to enjoy the discovery of what exists beyond what you can see, feel & hear in this Realm. You will have a sense of how large the Universe is and how intense life is across the many dimensions around us. You are going to be in awe of everything you discover. You will find yourself awakened to the reality of the enormity of the Universe. You will find out so much about yourself. You will be able to walk through the dimensions during your meditation or sleep cycle (instructions included).

From our friend Geoffrey: You will reach your full potential with sensitivity and understanding as you reach a new level of enlightenment and personal tradition. You will feel your mind expanding and understanding the Universe and world around you through this amazing binding which touches on the most important part of your mind, body, & spirit... enlightenment. When you reach certain milestones on your path to enlightenment you find yourself more in tune with yourself, the world, expectations, and the future. You are capable of grasping, understanding, and working with more involved concepts.

Our price: $45.99
Market price: $600.00 save 92%
Welcome The Richest Passions Of The Heart & Body - Summon Ancient Merfolk
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This beautiful vessel is home a binding with multiple powers and opportunities! It creates permanent bindings, can summon ancient Merfolk, and...

Our price: $125.00
Market price: $1095.00 save 89%
Wish Come True Genie Spell
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This enchantment is rooted in Djinn magic, the power of the wish-granting genie. This spell works to help grant the wishes that you desire for your life. This enchantment helps you make wise wishes for your personal life and your supernatural journey. The Victorian-era enchantment was used to empower the wishes made to come true. The wishes are sent through the Astral Realm for fulfillment by an ancient race of Djinn who provided wish-granting power in the lives of those who sought their guidance and support.

Our price: $69.95
Market price: $595.00 save 88%
Witchy Sprite Spirit - Custom Conjuration - Witches of Ancient Woodland Magick
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Witchy Sprites are Sprites who were acknowledged and honored as practitioners amongst their community. They possess a deep affinity for ancient, woodland magick and can practice many different types of woodland rituals and enchantments. Witchy Sprites are the quirky, social, and outgoing of their community and often lived in small huts in the trees. They were care-givers in magick & mysticism not only to their own kind but to any species who needed their help and power. Witchy Sprites are tremendous companions for anyone who is practicing magick because Witchy Sprites have the patience, wisdom, power and knowledge to help you become a powerful force in magick in your own journey. They are tremendously loyal and compassionate friends.

Our price: $50.00
Market price: $275.00 save 82%