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Master Vessel listings for all spirits or spells you desire.
Add Previous Bindings to Master Vessel
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If you do not feel comfortable moving previous bindings from CH to your Master Vessel, you can use this listing to purchase the work to be performed.  You will need to purchase 1 quantity of each binding you want moved.

You can perform any move of a spirit, entity, or spell yourself by using the instructions that came with your Master Vessel, and not purchase this listings. 

We will only move CH bindings from your account to a CH Master Vessel.  

You will need to include the order number and title of each binding that you wish to be moved.

Our price: $5.00
Addition Of Master Vessels :: Singular Source Of All The Spells & Spirits You Have
(3 reviews)  

If you already have one Master Vessel and you want to add additional Master Vessels to your collection, you can utilize this listing.

Our price: $43.75
Creation Of Master Vessel :: Singular Source Of All The Spells & Spirits You Have
(17 reviews)  

A Master Vessel is a singular source of all the spells & spirits you desire to have on one vessel. I, for one, have several master vessels, because of the sheer number of spells & spirits I work with. For most people one Master Vessel certainly works. Because of the way we construct the bindings that comprise a Master Vessel, you can mix any spirits or spells of the White Arts, Dark Arts/Grey Arts, or Black Arts on one vessel

Our price: $43.75
Custom Designed Master Vessel :: Spells From Ash & Magnolia & Room For Your Future
(11 reviews)  

This powerful Master Vessel includes all of our perks like our Dead Spell so no one knows the vessel is paranormal (even to the most trained eye), shielding against any malicious spirit or magick directed towards you, and an eternal cleansing & charging spell which keeps the bindings added at their peak. You have the opportunity to copy or transmute your bindings to your Master Vessel, and as it is Bridged you don't have to wear or carry the vessel to connect & interact with the bindings.

Our price: $81.25