Mind Memory Control Spells Bindings

Spells that allow you to control, influence, read, or persuade the minds of others.
Mind control spells are rather difficult to cast; therefore, you might need detailed instructions on how to enhance your powers in order for the spell to work. There is a great diversity of spells. Let’s look at some of the most renowned and powerful.

- Alter Memory. One of the most dangerous controlling spells, as it can manipulate human consciousness and memory. The caster can slightly change a single memory of the subject, or totally erase it. However, if the subject gets into a situation where the validity of new memories is in question, the spell can be reversed and the real memories return.

- Compel Truth. Very instrumental among other spells for mind control. When cast over a subject, they are forced to tell only the truth. Even though they can withhold information, they are not capable of deception. You might need some additional tools for performing this spell.

- Control Emotion. You are able to give the subject an overwhelming emotional experience with what you choose. It might be love, anger, anxiety or anything else. Although it is a powerful spell, you should realize that no magic can recreate genuine emotions. Thus, any love cast upon the subject will not be real.

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